The error code IV-20004

This error keeps on re-occurring. I am in touch with support. I don’t see any fix for this error.

Could someone find a permanent fix for this error?


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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @syedh! :raising_hand_man:

I am unfamiliar with that error code. When does it appear? What App version and Firmware version are running?

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Had this “error code” starting a couple of weeks ago on my Video Doorbell Pro. Tried everything to fix and wasted a lot of my time. Decided to go out and buy a new unit. Came home and what do you know EXACT SAME ISSUE WITH THE NEW UNIT meaning nothing was wrong with the old one from a hardware standpoint. Gave Wyze support a call with the “Failed to connect. Please check your doorbell’s internet connection. Error code:IV22-20004” that I received. Support came back and said they are aware of the issue and hopefully will be a fix soon and should hear back in 24-48hrs. (Yeah right!) I asked why was there not something sent to owners or posted on their website regarding the issue? Support agent said there was something on their website about it which I have not found….Then stated my old Doorbell Pro I guess was fine and I did not need a new one after all….It has had the error code/video has not worked for,the last 2/3 weeks!

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Mine started with that error code day before yesterday. We reset it, removed and added it again and it worked for like 24 hours and failed again. I removed it and added it again and nope ain’t doing nothing. Annoying if you ask me, Hopefully Wyze gets it fixed or something.

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Bought VDBP in June 2022 and worked great with no issues. At the end of Sep 2023 I started having connectivity problems. The camera would connect fine for a few days then lose the connection. Without moving any hardware, I could delete & re-add the device and I could get video feed again.

That was until about 3 weeks ago. I lost feed and have not been able to get anything since. I’ve rebooted everything, re-added the device countless times, even went as far as bringing the camera and chime into the office with my router to rule out signal strength. The device is detected and added just fine, but when I click to get feed I get the infamous IV22-20004 error code.

I have contacted support multiple times and have been told that the developers are aware and there’s no time-frame for when the fix will be provided. I work in a technical department where we deploy software and detect regression all the time, but never have I seen it take so long to fix something that was not a problem before. I’m sitting on 3 weeks without a doorbell camera - I wave my hand in front of it and it detects me, but the app cannot connect to the camera therefore I have no feed and no notification :frowning: I’m not sure where to go from here. I have many Wyze devices I love and I don’t want to purchase a different brand to have a different app just for a doorbell.

I feel the same about purchasing a different doorbell brand. When I look through my phone app it says doorbell is recording. I’m like its not recording anything :frowning: the only thing its good for now it just the doorbell. I wish they would hurry up and fix this issue. I wonder if we have to buy their cloud deal plan thing, or whatever its called in order for it to work?

I have that purchased and doesn’t help at all unfortunately.

But you’re right, it’s only good for the doorbell sound, which funny enough the chime picks up just fine and they are connected via wifi, but for some reason my phone just keeps giving me that error.

The last I heard from support is that there’s no ETA on the fix so I need to keep trying to cycle power, re-add it to the app and try again.

This issue is really annoying for sure. My doorbell cam went out 11/23/2023. I got error 20005. It is NOT a connection issue with my provider. All other cameras work fine. I’ve called support several times and they all keep telling me it’s a known issue and to submit a log. I do and then finally, yesterday, 01/04/2024 - it magically started working again out of nowhere so I was thinking, finally! It was fixed. Nope - lasted a whole maybe 14 hours and now it’s out again today only now I’m getting error code 20004. So another log has been submitted per Wyze support. But, it sucks that I and others pay for the upgraded services and haven’t been able to use them for nearly 2 months now. If this isn’t resolved very soon, I think we should be refunded for the 2 months we were without services.

To RESTART you need to unplug the CHIME, has noting to do with the actual doorbell. I agree these things are GARBAGE and I’m going to dispute the charge with my credit card as I am still in the 60 days. WYSE does NOT like chargebacks.

I think maybe a decent work around is to use a typical wall outlet timer and set it to shut power off for a minute or two daily and plug the chime into it. Wyse definitely has a serious issue with these as a simple Google search for Wyze doorbell 20004 will pull up DAYS worth of reading with no apparent answers.

I’m reading the remarks in this forum and I’m surprised how many people are going through this with their Wyze Doorbell Pro! I thought I was the only one going through this. Wyze needs to fix this through their firmware updates or they will begin loosing customers, starting with me. I was so excited when I was finally able to get it connected only to have it go out again 2 days later, talk about frustrating. I’ve reached out to support and they offered to replace it or receive a Wyze gift card; I chose to replace it (prior to finding this forum). I have several other Wyze cams around my house and this would have completed my circle, but looks like I may just have to go with another brand. It’s a shame because I really like my Wyze cams, but this doorbell issue has me rethinking my entire setup. I may need to go to the Ring or Blink ecosystem (I like my products to be the same). I’ll give it a little while longer before I completely sell off my Wyze hardware and switch over to another ecosystem. Hopefully Wyze will get it together sooner rather than later.

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I really wish they would fix this error. Just this week I reset it twice and it still didn’t work. Then when my husband left to work and it caught him leaving, then it stopped working. The other two cameras that we have thankfully they’re good. Its just the doorbell pro :frowning:

Having the same error message since purchasing about a week ago. Also have two other wyze cameras that work pretty well without any connection errors. Contacted support a few times. They just tell me it’s being worked on. Does anyone know the return policy? Might go with a different brand doorbell as this has been an issue for awhile now after reading these.

Same issue same error codes. Wish they would communicate better.

I’m having the same door bell issue! I even got a new one to see if that was the problem. It worked for maybe a day and then the same thing. So now I have to go out buy another outdoor camera and install it on the front porch until something is figured out! My outdoor bird camera doesn’t have any issues (made by another company) but my door bell cam can’t work?!?! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Same problem. My doorbell has never worked and I’m about ready to get rid of It all. When will they fix it

Called CS and they walked me through everything I’ve already done in the past. They sent a ticket for “further investigation” I got an email about it being an ongoing issue. And I asked if they can’t just exchange it for an older version and Wyze said no. So like I told hubby, we just have a very expensive doorbell.

I am having this same issue with my doorbell pro. When I first received it about a year ago I did not have any issues. But later on in the year I began to have issues with it disconnecting with the same error code, “IV22-20004”. The only temporary solution to get it to connect is to disconnect the wires from the doorbell and re-connect. It will then work for 2 weeks and I have to repeat the same steps again.

I have reached out to Wyze and the only solution I got was a gift card.

I hope they fix this issue as it is very frustrating and I am hesitant to even order another one to only have the same issue. I have over 6, Wyze V3 and Wyze V3 Pro cameras that do not having connection issues, while connected to the same WiFi access point, but my door bell decides goes offline.

My cameras are giving the same error. NOT connection! I am using the standard short power cord, all Wyze cables and equipment, and it’s literally right next to my WiFi router. I was going to buy more from Wyze during the sale, but now I am looking at other brands. So disgusted with Wyze!