Doorbell Video Playback?

Hi. Has anyone been able to get any video playback from the new Doorbell? Mine just spins and spins… no feed back. If you look at another app when you return you have to start over… I haven’t gotten any video playback at all. :frowning:

Yes, same for me.

Likewise. No video playback for recorded events. Neither will it play clips that I manually record. When I attempt to play the files that are created, they are rejected as “unsupported”.

Welcome back @daviegeepers!

Anyone having issues:
Try signing out, then back in to your Wyze app. If this doesn’t work try rebooting your phone. Finally, if all else fails try deleting and reinstalling the Wyze app.
Those are some possible fixes. Let me know how they work.

I tried those steps, but still no access to video playback of events.

Interestingly, on my wife’s phone which is almost identical, she can view them. My Android version is 6.0.1 where hers is 8.0.0. I also have an older tablet that’s running 6.0 which will not playback events. Are those versions too old? (Although the specs say 5.0 and later should be good.)

Same issue. They need better support.