Doorbell camera can't view on one of our phones

We just set up the new doorbell camera and it works great on both my husbands and my phones.
We share the wyze accont with my mother who lives in another state (she has wyze cameras as well we help her when she has technical issues.) It’s just easier to be under the same account.

So we are all logged into the Wyze app. She is getting notifications when our doorbell rings, but can not see the doorbell camera on her phone. If we are all logged in to the same account, shouldn’t she be able to see my doorbell live feed?
I’m trying to figure out if this is a network issue, and will have a problem seeing my doorbell if I end up connected to her wifi when we go visit.

What app version does the person have that cannot see the doorbell? I bet they are out of date and needs their app updated.

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Only Out of date App works on my tablet.
New apps are just crashing.

It is better to know Android version or ios version.

Thank you for the quick response! It’s IOS, not sure exactly which version she
has. I’m trying to talk her through that from afar to get the version info. So far all wyze customer service could tell me is that we should not be sharing the same account.

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So all three people use the same login and password, its not that you are sharing the camera with your mom and she has her own account? And your mom can’t even see the doorbell device on her home page? Is that what she is experiencing? It’s like the camera doesn’t exist, but yet she is seeing the event videos? Am I understanding this correctly?

Instead of walking her through trying to get the version number of the app, have her go to the iOS app store search the Wyzee app that she has and see if there’s an update available? I’m allergic to Apple products so I don’t know exactly how the app store works. :slight_smile: might be better for her to do the upgrade if it’s available then to navigate the menus looking for the version number because then we will know for sure her app is up to date.