Doorbell problems

My father hooked up my doorbell but it doesn’t show up in my cameras. If I ring the bell, it pops up as an alert but when I click the video it’s gone. I noticed it’s not on the list and doesn’t have its own forum. I’m tech-challenged, how do I get real time help with this? Thanks

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Being new (welcome to the forum!), a lot of your description doesn’t make easy sense to me (doesn’t have it’s own forum?), but I can still venture a guess. If my guess is wrong, try uploading a screen capture of what you are seeing.

I’m assuming your father installed Wyze because we was already familiar with it? Is it possible he installed your doorbell in HIS account, and then shared it with your account?

One way to tell is to call up live feed on the camera, then go to settings (the gear icon in the upper-right corner). If you only have “Rules”, Device Info", and “Wyze Support”, then he shared it with you, and he is the owner. In that case, ask him to install it on your account, and maybe you’ll share it with him, lol.

If it is being shared to you, then he probably got a notice of you in front of the doorbell too. If he as owner deleted the resulting video before you looked, then you would have never seen it. Now, if he was the person being shared to, then he could delete the video without affecting your original copy.

Just in case, I asked the mods to give you the ability to upload a screen capture.