Door Bell/Cam

Even though my doorbell is working great I have a few questions I’d like to get some help on;

  1. How do I add the doorbell device onto my wifes phone as a second device? She already has Device One (Front Yard Camera) and working on her phone fine.

  2. Chime that came with Doorbell Cam is not very loud. Is there a way of adjusting the volume and maybe selecting a different chime?

  3. Is possible to connect existing house doorbell chime to Wyze Doorbell Cam, as I cannot here the Wyze notification very well?



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I’ll try and touch on these for you.

  1. My and my wife share a login so that she and I have access to all our cameras, including our doorbell. You could instead share the device to her account if you wan to go that route.

  2. Is the doorbell volume maxed out in the app settings? Do you have Alexa? You could have Alexa devices be a chime device via routines.

  3. No. The doorbell V1 does not connect to your mechanical chime.

I got things figured out, thks for speedy response

What did you figure out? Can you explain what you did? It helps the forum for folks in the future that find this topic to see the initial issue, and then the result. Did you share the camera? turn up the volume in the app? Thanks in advance!

I found my answer in your FAQ section. Basically it was the finishing setup of doorbell. How to adjust volume and selection of chimes. There was nothing in the online initial instructions when setting up the doorbell that refers to the chime itself. Once I got the volume turned and selected the chime I wanted everything was great. Thanks

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Nice! Glad it got fixed up for you.

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