Cam Plus disappears - all the time

Since purchased video doorbell in August, having same problem continuously. Works fine for a day or two, and then will realize haven’t had notifications for a while or will walk past camera at night and realize it’s not lighting up. Go into app, and it will show no subscription to Cam Plus - click to select doorbell and it just tells me to subscribe. (even if I didn’t have Cam Plus, shouldn’t the doorbell at minimum respond if someone is standing right in front of it?)

If I restart doorbell via app, log out of app, force quit and go back in. still won’t get anything. Weird thing is the only way to fix it has been to log into the website, where I clearly see I’m subscribed to Cam Plus, Wait a couple minutes and it will magically appear again in the app - only the filters (person, package, etc.) are all deselected.

All firmware is updated, etc. Been through this with support and they haven’t offered anything other than quit app and log back in.

Anyone else run into these issues and have any ideas before I just abandon this and trash it? Thanks!

This is strange, next time it happens can you verify if it says you have cam plus in the account > subscriptions tab of the Wyze app? Then try clearing the app cache in account > app settings, force close the app, and check again.

Are you able to live stream to the doorbell when this is happening? Do you have any other Wyze devices?

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It just happened again a while ago - well, we noticed it a while ago, it didn’t capture anything for over 24 hours. Last time was Thursday night, so worked for almost 2 days this time.

It shows no Cam Plus in app - took pics tonight. Have been clearing the app cache as well when it happens, doesn’t make a difference.

No other Wyze devices. Usually am able to live stream to doorbell, but tonight was stuck on “Authenticating”.

When you clear the app cache, do you force close the Wyze app (swipe to app manager and swipe the app up to kill it)

On iPhone, not Android.

Yea, I gave you instructions for iOS.