Doorbell Camera pro says failed to load

We hooked up our wyze doorbell camera pro yesterday with the cam plus we purchased and once installing it outside our door, it says failed to load for every detection. We have since brought it in and turned everything off including the chime and resetting our router. We are still getting this issue and our Internet signal strength is amazing. My husband is about to send this back if it can’t do what we bought it for. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hello, would you be able to provide the firmware that the camera is currently running?

1.0.73 and it says it’s the current version.

Wyze released a beta firmware update yesterday which is 1.0.77. It may take a few of days to release in full production, all depending if any bugs pop up. I’m not sure that it covers yours issue or not.

Have you tried to factory reset the device and set it up new?

Ill keep an eye out on the update, but yeah we did a reset today and redid our settings, etc. Still having the failed to load. Customer support thinks we got a defective one.

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Hopefully getting you a new one won’t take long!