Anyone else think it's crap that we can see our doorbell cameras on the web?

Got a few WYZE camera’s including a doorbell camera. Being a senior on a pretty tight income, I can only afford to have CAM Plus on our doorbell camera. I keep getting emails about watching our CAM Plus camera’s on the WEB so I figured I would try it. Unfortunately, after being unable to get it to work, I contacted WYZE support and was told that the DOORBELL Camera is the 1 camera that will NOT work (to be able to be streamed/watched on the WEB). I think that’s a bunch of crap! Anyone else have any experience with this problem?

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That’s why I went with a Ring battery doorbell and alarm. I don’t consider Wyze to be reliable enough for that purpose. Ring has been flawless with excellent video quality, incredible audio quality (I don’t know about the Wyze doorbell but the audio on their regular cams is a joke), and the battery life has been great so far. And I can see it on the web through their website.

Personally I like having devices from different ecosystems so I’m not tied to just one. They all have problems and will have outages. With more than one ecosystem I almost always have a backup if one goes down.

I agree it isn’t helpful that you’re paying for a subscription but the DOORBELL (possibly the most used camera of all home security systems) is not available to view on a computer website.
You can watch it on the app on your mobile device (tablet or phone) though, so just watch it through there and not on your computer.