Cam Plus/Person Detection cameras become unusable when there's a lot of constant motion

Hi everyone,

A little background, I have 4 V2 cameras pointed out various windows that face some trees. They all either have Cam Plus or Person Detection enabled, have at least 3 bars WiFi each, and I have fiber internet (300Mbps/300Mbps) with a mesh WiFi network with great coverage throughout the house, I also have all the cameras grouped together in the Wyze app. I also had motion tagging enabled, excluded the trees from the motion detection zones, and have shared the cameras with a few users.

Usually they work fine and I can view them whenever I want but today was a very windy day. I took a look at the network and saw that Wyze was uploading at a constant speed of 3/4Mbps. Whenever someone would try to look at the live feed from the Wyze app, some of the cameras would load but it seems like the CamPlus cameras just time out or grind to a halt whenever you try to view them. Thankfully, it seems that the events still come through since the cameras are just constantly uploading but we all know how long those can take to arrive. I have since shrunk the motion detection zones and turned off motion tagging but the wind has already stopped.

I know that these cameras run in 2.4Ghz but 3/4Mbps isn’t exactly saturating my network, the 2.4Ghz network is dedicated solely to Wyze at this point, everything else in the house uses 5Ghz. Is this just a hardware deficiency of the V2 that you can’t live view a Cam Plus camera when its trying to send video to Wyze or can Wyze maybe split the upload bandwidth between Wyze and users trying to view the camera?

Has anyone run into this issue? I know Wyze didn’t claim to be a security camera before but the recent emails coming out from them seem to have branded themselves as such.

As an aside, I’ve also noticed that these Cam Plus V2s sometimes just stopped sending notifications altogether and no events are logged until I reboot them and the IR lights also just enable themselves out of the blue despite the setting still being set to off in the app (I have to enable and disable again to shut them off).

The latter seems to happen when one of the people I shared the cameras with tries to open the Wyze app, I was sitting beside them once when this happened and all they did was open the app before I heard all the cameras clicking and enabling the IR lights. I’ve reached out to support on this and many other issues but they usually just ask me to do a factor reset or try to send me a new camera (which they then can’t do because I’m in Canada). My cameras were all purchased at different times of the year so I don’t believe that it’s just a bad batch of cameras, it’s probably the firmware to be honest as the cameras used to work fine back in the xnor days.

I am honestly just really frustrated at this point and regret telling my friends to buy into the Wyze ecosystem. They’ve been encountering issues like these too sadly.

Anyway, I hope a dev actually sees this long post and maybe pushes up these issues to your product managers. It has just been non-stop issues with these cameras now.