Wyze Cam v3 work fine until there's motion

I have 8 Wyze Cams set up around my property and they all seem to work… well enough. I can get a live view and it’s all fine. I can see the little clock in the corner ticking and small movements like leaves are visible, so I know it’s streaming a live video just fine.

However, when a person comes into view, presumably triggering the Person Detection, everything goes awry. All of a sudden my live feed dies or lags horribly to the point where it’s unusable. Once the person leaves the view of the camera, then everything’s back to normal a few seconds later.

I am however able to reivew the video in my Events later on, and that video of the person walking around is fine.

I have great bandwidth in my building and this was never an issue until maybe 6 months ago. I have a mesh system with multiple nodes all around for great coverage. According to the cams’ info screens, they all have full wifi signal. My Internet connection is consistenly over 50 Mbps+ upstream.

Any ideas on what might be going on and what I can do to try to get this resolved?

Do you have multiple cameras pointed at the person that’s providing the motion? I would be interested in knowing if you unplugged temporarily and say four of the eight cameras if things acted more normal. Another thought is if you have cable internet. I believe cable is affected by how many neighbors are using the internet. If you’ve got new neighbors, they could be dragging your bandwidth down in the neighborhood