What is wrong with you Wyze?

Agreed. NEVER update the firmware. Never. It just screws with things that used to work. When I was updating the firmware—I gave up months ago—I wanted it just for my cameras. But the firmware release notes would often also refer to plugs, scales, etc. Why not just release firmware solely dedicated to cameras, firmware solely dedicated to plugs, firmware solely dedicated to scales, etc. The shotgun approach they’re taking when it comes to releasing firmware cannot be beneficial. I’d in fact argue the opposite. But nobody from Wyze reads these complaints anyway, so I’m just preaching to the choir.


That has always been my policy, which worked great for 3 years or so until the forced upgrades a few months ago. I was holding on to the Xnor firmware for kicks.

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The Firmware Release Notes are Web Page publications updated specific to the device on which the Firmware is being installed, not mixed together with other production release Firmware.

Firmware and App updates, for the most part, are voluntary. You can schedule when, and if, you update on a per device basis.

The Forum Firmware\App Update Announcement Thread however, is a conglomeration of all the updates released on that day. I simply use this thread for a ‘heads up’ that it’s out there. I go to the web site for details on the update…which aren’t that detailed in the first place, and back to the forum thread to watch the train wreck happen.

Have yet to see an update that made me want to go get it.

RE motion blur: I too notice a lot of blur of moving objects in video recordings. This wasn’t the case last year, so I suspect that Wyze increased the compression earlier this year to save on bandwidth.

RE motion detection: My v2 and v3 cameras completely ignore some motion. This has been so since the forced firmware updates in March. I reported this to Wyze, included a video example, included screen captures of all my settings screens, and described how the issue might be reproduced. After many of the usual canned responses about resetting, re-adding, etc, etc, this issue was referred to “the developers”. That was weeks ago and there has been no response or fix (as usual in my experience).

I think that many of the camera problems were introduced with the implementation of the “AI”, which appears is completely broken.


Also, Lets Talk about How MANY times In the past 4yrs Have my kids & I Heard A person Talking to US through our Cameras…VERY VERY SCARY… Ive done The Password/Security Changes YET it STILL HAPPENS. So Now We KNOW Hackers Can Just WATCH WHENEVER THWY WANT, So We HIDE things With personal Info From VIEW of Cameras & We Dont Walk in front of Them Unless We are Covered FULLY With clothes, Hard when you gor kids In the house That think they can Change clothing ANYWHERE in the house… We Also Dont Speak Outloud Our Debit card # Or Anything like that JUST IN CASE of SOME CREEPER… It REALLY SUCKS cause When I Need to check on kids That are Home The Cameras are CONVENIENT… But now I feel CHEATED out Of My Safety…Not COOL.

Welcome to the user forum @maralyn26.

I have been using my cams for some time and have never had this experience, although I do remember seeing a post about it in the past. Given the multiple layers of network security I have, I would imagine it would be difficult to do on my network.

But, this is an issue that should be reported directly to Wyze Security. Email them your detailed situation at security@wyze.com.

Good luck!

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I’m having the same issues.

I was actually considering buying the new Cam Outdoor V2. Not a chance now. In fact, based on the plethora of issues Wyze has it is unlikely I will ever buy any products from them again.

They are not living up to the reputation they originally built for themselves. I’ve recommended Wyze to many friends and family. That stops now.

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Most issues have been fixed this week with the cameras.

For the security issue exposed above, it is very unlikely to happen if you have a properly configured router.

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My many cams along with my HMS and other various Wyze IoT are also stable right now. But that is because I am highly selective about what I update, when I update, why I update, and if I update.

But Wyze didn’t introduce all this IoT for retentive people like me. Most users don’t want to hassle with all these updates. They just want their stuff to work without worry.

All my Alexa IoT updates automatically. I never know it happens and it never fails. My phone OS updates automatically and I never know it happens… and it never fails. All my GE and Cloud Intelligence IoT updates automatically… And it never fails.

Why is it that the Wyze app is the only one of the 183 Apps in my phone that I have blocked from auto update? Experience.


Thanks for the heads up.

If this were the only issue then I would be more forgiving. Wyze has some work to do before I purchase anything else.

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Thanks for that. :+1:

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I’ve had my cameras for many years and not had this issue, nor does anyone I know. It almost sounds like someone in your household has been pranking you. But if it’s real then why not just unplug the cameras when you’re home and plug them in when no one is home? Or better yet, get a different camera system.

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I have a hard time understanding why you’d keep a camera in the house for one more second if you knew you were being listened to by bad actors. Hiding in the house!

Any recordings of the voices? Might be a good idea to put a voice recorder next to one!


Wyze did start out right, and were a good company. I think the Chinese partner of his (the creator), has somehow taken the lead, is now the CEO and doesn’t hold to the same ethos as the founder, and thats why the company is in the gutter as far as reputation and quality of its devices.
They probably should have thought this through a bit more, and hosted their own AI servers, so they dont have to pay Amazon for its AWS services. Microsoft gives free access to its AI engine, and i dont think its just for personal use. Yeah, a lot of work, but the money it would save, they could put into the quality of its software and firmware.

Personally im done with Wyze, these last 2 years i have spent countless hours troubleshooting a long list of issues, and im sick of doing that, im in IT so i do that all day long and the last thing i need is to have to do that with my Wyze system(s) when i get home. When my camera’s fail i wont be replacing them with Wyze, i may nto replace them at all. My whole experience with Wyze has soured me on any other kind of camera system.



After being a loyal customer for over 6 years I’ve finally given up. I had 7 licenses for the cam’s (subscriptions) was the constant offers to subscribe with EACH event viewing I would select. Mind you, this is despite having those licenses. When I tried C/S they were useless. Than, after cancelling the subscriptions I was unable to access events from the SD card. WTF? Only photos and NO videos. I’m now looking for a real cam w/o subscriptions. Ring is now looking promising after these experiences and getting rid of anything to do with Wyze.


This would mean you’re still looking under “Events”. Those are or were the cloud videos. Your SD recordings are reached under View Playback (and always were).


I’m getting tired of having to be on WiFi to use the app. I’ve sent numerous logs, but no change. I get Error code -1009. At the top of my list of devices it says, No Internet connection. The music I’m streaming would say otherwise. If I select a device, it sits at the Connecting Camera (1/3) state until it times out. Get on WiFi and it connects immediately. I can turn on my iPhone’s hotspot, connect the iPad and see my cameras.

C/S tried to tell me I must have a weak cellular connection. When I’m not on a WiFi network is when I want to see my cameras the most! So frustrating!

App update today did not fix the landscape orientation bug which was introduced in the previous version of the app. Very annoying. Like the others I am getting more tired of Wyze every day.


Am guessing they haven’t even acknowledged this change in behavior. Makes viewing in Landscape even more cumbersome than it was before on my iPad. My hopes for app-wide Landscape support for tablets seem even more remote than they were before, esp. given that just viewing a live-stream in Landscape isn’t working properly now.

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Did someone say Landscape View For Tablets

We should start taking bets on what year a fully rewritten Wyze App that speaks “Landscape” natively actually is birthed by Wyze.

I’ll guess… 2032… but by then direct Neural interface to the brain will be the standard, and that will leave Wyze very sad that they FINALLY completed that long anticipated rewrite of the Wyze App… that everyone finally forgot all about…