Anather update fails

I can’t believe I fell for the wyze update nonsense again. A new update today made my last and final wyze cam stop working. I’m sure in a few months they’ll figure it out, but that is long past my limit. I got rid of all wyze cams except my doorbell, it’ll be gone today. I’m so embarrassed about recomending wyze to friends.

I’d sure like to know what people are doing to kill cameras during updates. By a rough count, I have done around 2,000 updates on my several dozen Wyze cameras. That includes both over the air updates and uSD card updates (usually either into or out of RTSP firmware). Out of all those updates, I have exactly one time had a camera bricked as a result of an update. And that one was recovered by a uSD card firmware reload.


From your tag, it seems you are talking about a V3 camera? Maybe a Wyze Cam Outdoor? If you just loaded a firmware update today, that means you are enrolled in Beta because neither of those cameras have had a public firmware release since the beginning of November (over 2 months ago), but there was new non-production, test beta firmware this week, so that’s probably what you are talking about.

If you keep having so many problems with Beta firmware and are having a bad experience, I would strongly recommend that you unenroll from Beta. Anyone in Beta should know that there are likely to be more problems to work out and if your cameras are critical for you, you should not be using them as beta tests. I am also in beta, but I have 40 cameras, and I only load beta firmware on the ones that aren’t critical. The other critical cameras I leave on production firmware at all times because I know test firmware can have things to work out.

Also, you shouldn’t have to wait to restore your camera back to functionality. Just go flash the firmware on your camera back to Public Production firmware. Here are instructions to go fix it:

Also, please go to the account tab in the Wyze app, then select Beta Program, then select “Leave” &/or uncheck all your devices out of the Beta program so that you will stop updating to non-production test firmware. You will have a much better experience this way with whatever cameras you have still working.

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