Please do everyone a favor and stop updating firmware and the app

Every single time anything is updated with my V3’s firmware or the app I have to reset all of my cameras. The updates do nothing but brick my cameras, Please stop. And…you use Amazon web services!!! Sorry…If I wanted Amazon involved in my life I wouldn’t have bought Wyze…

most website use AWS or Google Cloud


Um, they have from the start? Your Wyze clips have never gone anywhere else.

And they are famously ex-Amazon employees.

Also, can’t you refuse the firmware updates? I still do.


I still wonder what people are doing that consistently brick cameras on updates. I have 31 operational Wyze cameras going back to as early as May of 2018. I have been a beta tester for almost all of that time, so I have done dozens of firmware upgrades on every camera (the newer ones not as many obviously). I have had one camera, one time brick on an update (an old V2). Wyze considered it so unusual that Wyze wanted the camera back so they could analyze the problem. I have used both the firmware update on individual cameras and once they added it, I generally use the firmware update in the Account section since I can do all of ones needed at once.


I’ve been beta tester as well and never had any issues updating firmware and had always worked. The latest isn’t working on my v3. It keeps going offline all the time… If I go back to the older version no issues what so ever