How to STOP auto-update firmware on V3 cam?

Wyze just updated all my cams without me agreeing or selecting it.

How do I stop Autoupdates ?

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Apparently it’s impossible because Wyze will force an update whenever they feel like it. I spent 3 years saying “no” and this update went ahead and killed one of my cameras anyway. They did warn ahead of time though.

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The only option I found to stop auto updates is running the RTSP firmware, which isn’t being forced into an update for now.

Will you clarify this for me? Do you mean the update bricked your camera?

Was this the camera you had with the firmware? I recall you saying you had at least one camera with that old firmware. Do you mean that it killed your XNOR functionality, or that the camera updating from XNOR to the latest firmware actually caused it to totally brick?

Just trying to understand, especially in case something similar happens to others too.

Yes I mean the update bricked the camera, or so it appears. I cycled the power but can’t reach the camera in this weather to investigate further. It won’t come back online while another camera to which it is daisy chained survived. So killed as in dead.

All my cameras until now had the ancient Xnor capable firmware, since I rarely use the Wyze app and also assiduously refused updates for 3 years. So yes this was one of them, but so were the ones that survived the forced update.

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Security especially with something that connects to outside servers requires updates. If you don’t want to deal with that then install rtsp firmware or something like that and don’t use the Wyze app and block the cam ip address on the router from outside connections.

Not updating and allowing that thing to have outside access is never a good way to go.

Unless I understand and am willing to accept that risk. With the cameras behind my router/firewall there is zero realistic chance that anything but a compromise of the Wyze back end services or Wyze-contracted P2P services could possibly compromise my cameras - they can’t be reached otherwise. All updates until this one were opt-in.

Anyway, my bad camera has recovered although it was out again this morning. I already apologized. :slight_smile:


Toose it in trash and get another 1 theres so cheap

right toose them into the trash and never get another wyze product again.

I was not aware that an autoupdate function existed either for cameras or any Wyze device firmware. Is this a setting in the App? I am also not aware that any of my 50 Wyze devices received firmware updates without me tapping the selection in the App.

If you are on newer firmware it might not have even happened to you. Wyze announced recently that some people who still had really old firmware would have more recent firmware pushed to their cams to make sure they would support their latest security options. So if you had fairly recent firmware on your cams already you probably didn’t get a push. If you had really old firmware on your cams then they would’ve just pushed the update and most people probably won’t really notice a difference anyway since they’ll appear to function fairly similar to how they have been, it’s the back end stuff that’s a little different. The only exception off the top of my head would be if you had the old Person detection AI firmware from XNORai on the cam from a couple of years ago (like Customer had) and now suddenly that’s not on there. MOST other people won’t notice a huge difference. Auto-updates like this will probably be rare, there are no settings to select it for automatic update, it was just a necessary push for the cams to be capable of their new security updates.

Aha. My firmware is usually one version behind the latest offering, never many versions earlier.

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Makes sense, you probably didn’t even get a push then because you’re basically up to date :+1:

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Im just saying if out of warranty then tosse it,we currently have over 90 + cameras with no issues at any locations, some are over 2 years old.

This update may have been for an issue that really was critical. It came out a short time after a user reported seeing cameras in the app that did not belong to them.
It’s possible those cameras were on old firmware, and changes to networks and internet settings exposed unsecured cameras to the internet, and if so, someone who wanted to and knew about the vulnerability could have viewed any and all cameras with the old firmware that were connected enough to be remotely updated.
Maybe they could have offered an opt out, with you absolving them of responsibility, but would that have stood up in court if you sued after you found someone used their free view of your camera to steal from you or worse?

Could you please point to that report? There have been occasional similar red herrings over the years.

I’m on The last version before you select blocks for detection. This version detection works much better. Anyway I keep the firmware on the SD card and when they auto update I just unplug, hold the setup button, plug back in till the light turns purple to restore to the version that works best for me.

I open a case about this sent logs and video. Engineering may look at it but I’m doubtful.

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That’s… pretty clever! Are you still able to use that card for camera recording?

Yes set as continuous recording, works fine.

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At least they updated yours, I’ve been stuck with an error 90 for about two weeks with no update