How to STOP auto-update firmware on V3 cam?

Do a warranty replacement at Wyze

Really should not be recommending warranty fraud


Yeah, it would be too easy to get caught doing this anyway, since Wyze can see how long the MAC address was active in their servers, so if you buy a new camera then a week later return one that was active for over a year or several months (so obviously not the one that you just bought), that could be grounds for criminal charges when/if the MAC address is looked up once it is returned back to the company.

Honestly, I find Wyze has always been really reasonable with support issues I’ve had. I’d just call up their support and tell them what errors your having and they’ll walk through the whole process to figure out how to resolve it. Worst case scenario if the standard trouble-shooting doesn’t fix it, they can walk a person through flashing it to a different firmware or something. And if it’s been owned under a year they might even simply replace it. I’d just ask them. Much easier to handle things that way, they’ve been pretty reasonable in my experience as long as I am willing to go through all their tests first.

Just tell what others have done,theres no fraud,its still wyze

Just because others have done it does not make it right.


“Switch fraud”.

We know that I’m just telling what other people have done in the past the items were sold by wyze,and returned to wyze…so go figure

That is until they push an update again, and again, and again…

Wow,if we did that it would take our guys weeks to do each one manually

This recent GitHub chatter got my attention. My previous post sorta jumped the gun on its implications, though they can certainly be viewed as significant.

FWIW, there seems to be some major connectivity improvements with the new firmware – if one is not concerned with also implementing, shall we say, other creative system enhancements.

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Ugh, sounds awful, making the cameras even less useful. And one of those posters says there’s yet another new V2 forced update? :frowning: