Cameras reliability is poor!

Wyze camera reliability is getting extremely poor. I have multiple cameras with SD cards installed and the event capture is so hit and miss it is sickening. Sometimes I get error code 3001. Sometimes I don’t. When checking playback it says no video available for over two days, yet when checking events there was events recorded and playback of the events works, yet the timeline showed no video available for same time frame!?

When calling in for troubleshooting they have you unplug, reboot, reconnect to wifi and it works temporarily then days later it’s doing the same thing. This is unreliable and useless to catch events if it needs to be rebooted to work!

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Off hand, that sounds like dying uSD card related. Are you using good quality High Endurance uSD cards?

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There’s literally 8 minutes between one time it works with smart ai

Then 8 min later same cam let person get past driveway cam and to my front door. Luckily my second cam on walkway picked them up.

Cam plus on cam v3…detection sensitivity 100…
I also do not have any sd cards in currently. All software and fw updated.

Last week it was the front walkway cam not picking up any motion even at 100 but it was a pan cam v2…

EVERY TIME I CALL THEM we run thru the same stuff and it will maybe work for a few days before it breaks again.

I wish i would have never invested in any wyze products and believe me DO NOT DEPEND ON WYZE TO PROTECT YOUR HOME… they can’t even do cams detecting ai reliably and i shutter to think ANY ONE would put their families safety at risk based upon the consistence of wyze products. You would be a fool.

I have had nothing but frustration and headaches my entire time since buying my very first wyze product. If you read this and haven’t wasted your money yet… RUN… and run fast to a better company. Believe me you’ve been warned.

Yes name brand SD cards. More people’s than just SD recording, error code 3001 cutting off video after 2 seconds. Rebooting solves but happens again sporadically.