Bad camera's- How common?

I have two V3’s that Id purchased pretty close together. The first one I purchased has never worked correctly. It wont record for more than a day and will then need to be cleared out and reset. I’ve seen quite a few posts with similair issues so instead of trying to return it, I figured it was something I had going on and kept trying fixes I found for people with similair issues. After running out of new ideas and needing the camera one weekend, I hooked up the other. When they work, they’re pretty awesome. I love this thing.
The 2nd camera works perfectly, even when placed in an outbuilding, far from the router. It works in the same spot with the same card that I had needed #1 with no issues as well. I feel stupid for not doing that before the formatting, different brand sd card purchases and moving everything around repeatedly. I’d really like to get a couple more cams and the pan cam v2 for the spot my dud was purchased for but I’m a bit concerned about reliability. How common is it to get a bad camera? I don’t know if quality has changed to make a difference but I got these a year ago.

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Sorry to hear of your issue. I currently have 27 Wyze Cameras deployed of all models except the V1 and have yet to receive one that was a “dud”. I have 4 Pan Cam V2’s deployed at this time and have had no issues with them. One is even mounted outside, under easement, and in a silicon casing (even though not outdoor rated) and if has worked pretty much flawless other than needing to cycle power a few times.

Looks like you have done a fair amount of troubleshooting, but not knowing exactly what steps. I would be curious if you have tried flashing the camera manually?

If so, then I would still reach out to Wyze Support to see what they could do for you.

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I’ve about 40 cameras deployed, Mix of V2, V3 with occasional Pan. I’m in Beta so I expect problems with software.
I’ve had several “duds” since 2018. One the filter was misaligned, so colors were hosed. One didn’t work right out of the box.
But overall I’ve very few “failures”.
Most of my camera problems are with changes in the BETA software.