Very Disappointed with wyze products. Customer for three years. Not anymore

I did like Wyze, wyze cameras and other products at one time and would recommend them to anyone who asked about them. Unfortunately I will no longer recommend wyze products to anyone nor will I purchase any wyze product in the future. The cameras have become unreliable lately. An important note, Nothing has been changed on my home network or with my internet provider since I have owned wyze products. Camera connections have appeared and disappeared very often. I have also had multiple camera failures Just outside of warranty. Tech support is of little use. You get the standard reply, update the cameras and app, restart the cameras, send us the log. Terrible tech support in general. I really need something that is more reliable. I did have a camera that was replaced under warranty no questions asked. It failed again in less than a year. The app is very buggy and not intuitive. I would say I have had better luck with my wired V1 cameras. It seems that as products and firmware are updated, reliability goes down. The outdoor cameras are the worst. They will no longer pair to the Wyze base station after the firmware updates. I do not have the time to go back and forth with tech support. Waited on hold for awhile, got disconnected.

I suggest ABW (Anything But Wyze). I’ve been very happy with my Reolink cameras (switched after 6 of my 7 Wyze products failed) that come with the added bonus of PC access without additional costs - plus the software and firmware actually works without frequent updates to fix bugs that weren’t discovered during what Wyze considers to be ‘testing’.

Now serving dissatisfied customer number 32567 :rofl:

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I have 2 cameras on Cam Plus, V3. This morning an event connected to the cloud within seconds, and I exulted; Finally, the response that I’ve been hoping for!" (the delay had made my setup almost useless.) I had set things up to detect People – and only People. But tonight – Nothing. (Well almost nothing) It showed as an “event” a snapshot of a delivery person coming up the walk. But there was no motion, and no message. I bought this thing for security. It doesn’t deliver.