Worse product on the market

I was so excited about this company. But the problem is that the products are constantly failing, losing internet, failing to reconnect. Support is the friendliest but don’t offer good solutions. I’ve had the alarm for almost a year and can’t use it because of constant false alarms. For those products over a year you might as well throw it away because they offer zero support for products out of their year warranty. What good is a product if you can’t count on it?


Wonder if you could share some of the issues in more detail. Like let us know the camera you are experiencing a problem with, what the problem is, what App Version you are using and what the Firmware version is of the affected camera.

Asking because I have a lot of Wyze Products and don’t seem to be having the same experience you are.


For example, I changed wifi companies and had to reset password. Now the base hub won’t connect to my two outdoor cameras. It took me three hours to reset the base. I’ve tried resetting, deleting and reinstalling, sign out and back in. Not sure what else to do.

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“changed wifi company”… you mean your internet provider? if you changed your SSID and passphrase on your wifi gear, then you will have to configure your base station for the new SSID and password (then delete all your camera’s and re-add them). SSID is the name you see when you go to connect to your wifi.

I think thats your only issue. Had you changed your wifi gear to use the same SSID and password, you wouldn’t have had to change anything (as long as the hardware still used 2.4ghz wfi), else you would be hosed, wyze only supports 2.4ghz… sad but true).




Too many assumptions here that deserve a ‘duh!’.

Could not use the old internet provider information as it wad tied to Spectrum.

After multiple attempts I’ve managed to connect one of my cameras but not the other. Explain that one please.

Not true.


You win.

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Sorry about your issues, if you resolved the issue you can mark this thread as solved.

The SSID and Password of a wireless access point is in no way tied to anything. If your new router doesnt let you configure it (i doubt that) then thats an issue. Spectrum cannot own an SSID and password combo.

As with any wireless device, if you change the SSID or password it wont know what to connect to. If you keep it the same, it will automatically connect.

Currently wyze products require you to set them back up to change the wifi information. You dont need to delete them, just hit hte setup button and go through the process on your app. the settings and everything will be saved, just not the wifi info.

If you dont know how to change the wifi info on your new router, you can search online to find the answer for your specific router.



No need to close the thread as my issue has not been solved. I didn’t want to use the same SSID because it had the name of the company in it. Regardless, that is not the issue as I was able to connect the other cameras and peripherals to the new network. Find something else to rag me about.

Very unfortunate, waste of time and money. I have the 3 camera bundle and can’t get farther than 20 feet line of sight or 10 feet through the wall to the corner of my house.

Tech support is “analyzing” my wifi network and saying there is interference from too many devices connected and that I need to disconnect them to improve reception of the cameras to their base station!!! Seriously, the range problem is between the cameras and the WCO, not my MESH WIFI system. I try and explain it to him and he says I need to move the cameras closer to the WCO… So at this point it appears I purchased a “wireless” camera system that only has a 20 foot line of sight range and no more than 10 feet if there is a wall between the camera and the receiver.
Help me out here WYZE

That is not a normal range, I use my 3 cams through a few walls and around 50 feet. The WCO uses the same tech as WiFi, so interference will affect it. If you can download a tool such as WiFi Analyzer on windows store you can see how your 2.4ghz spectrum is looking. If you live close to others with WiFi interference could be a problem.

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