Unreliable services, gaps in playback, low-res video - is it time to say goodbyb?

Let’s see:

  1. Cam Plus account up-to-date and recently auto-renewed. Starting several weeks ago, event clips would not play, but for damn sure events were detected. The usual 20 questions runaround with support (not the agent’s fault) and a power cycle maybe “fixed” it
  2. Gaps or pauses in event videos, for example stopping 4 secs in, then jumping to resume at 12 seconds in.
  3. One camera always plays back at 2x speed; no fix but much of my life spent chasing it

So please your thoughts as I consider bailing on this company.

did you buy Wyze after a bad experience with another brand, and which was that?
if you’re still subscribing to this forum but have moved on, and glad you did, whose product do you use now?

Thank you and hope other customers don’t have my level of frustration

Some months back I switched to Reolink and Meross after 6 of my 7 Wyze devices failed in various different ways (not counting the innumerable S/W, F/W and ‘back room’ fiascos) - no regrets and never looked back. To ‘plagiarize’ a famous sports wear company’s tag line - Just Do It!

Have those problems and the freeze about 6 seconds then error code 3001 or jump ahead to 11 seconds has slowly infected all V3s and 2s. Waiting on outdoor cams playback to get sick.
I even got unplug-plug back inburnout. Plus still a bit salty over only getting a $15 coupon for three V2s that worked great for a long time then immediately annihilated after Nov 22 update. CS said since they’re out of warranty and V2s weren’t in stock due to being discontinued, Best they could do was a $15 coupon towards refurbished V2s. Good price and the one connected so far works but still feel ripped. Wyze update literally killed the cams and they say sorry, out of warranty. ?

Anyway, all we would love now is a cure for the daily malfunctions playing clips like error 3001, skipping, freezing or playing in extra-fast forward. But if that’s an update that fails and cams are over a year old…you might have to replace them yourself.

Hell yes and I love these guys and want to stay but it’s just too unreliable.

Feel free to contact me and I posted a topic on
My specific problems after over 4 years.