[Mod Edit] Freeze on video events

For over a month , since your latest
Major update my v2 video clips totally
Suck . They used to be fine but now
If I click on a recent video event usually
All I get is 1 second of the video then the
Feed freezes and I get this [Mod Edit]
twirling circle with some megabit readout
Making the request a total failure … not
Sure if your “ wizards “ will ever correct this
But I’m about to switch vendors because
This freeze crap has become obnoxious.

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Have you tried contacting support about this issue or submitting a log through the app?

Wyze Support:

Wyze Customer Support 1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

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I’ll give it a try . ( a time consuming call )
The problem was so obvious
I thought they would have fixed it by now.
Other people must have seen this and
Don’t care … the video plays if you select
Playback. So there’s a workaround but
The fact everything was fine up until
Last major update is very suspect .

Happens to me now and then, closing app and reopening usually resolves issue for me on the Android version app.

This has been happening to me as well the last month or so. I have an Apple phone and have found no solution. Tried restarting, deleting camera, reformatting sd card and the events work for a while but then they start freezing after 1 to 2 seconds.

Yup - same… I came here today just to see if others have this issue and see many posts about it.

I’ve got four V2s and a PanCam and this has been happening frequently for a while now.

Not all clips do this, but all cameras have these event clips that will just not play back about 50% of the time.

There are no issues with connectivity since Live streams work fine. Also I have SD cards in all 5 cameras, and playback from the SD cards have no issues. It is just the 12 second cloud clips.

Is really annoying that this seems to be a wide spread problem which many are reporting but has not been fixed yet.

I’m having the same exact issue. I mentioned it on another thread about two months ago but there was no resolution. If I can’t watch event videos why even have a camera?

Same problem, very irritating. Playback stops after a second or two and just spins. Use to work fine. Does not do it on all but quite a few. If this is not fix, will have to find new device. Useless without reliable playback.

Glad to see your complaint , I have
Pointed out this bug to Wyze ever since
March … it all began with their latest
Firmware update … the “ freeze bug “
Is obnoxious and I believe users will
Become tired of it and go with a different
Cameras that don’t do this

I’ve been seeing this issue for a few weeks now too. I can view from the sd card fine, so I agree that it must be an issue at Wyze. I’m usually not an “early complainer”, but after being patient for a couple weeks I thought I’d have a look here. As suspected I’m not alone…

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Well , thanks for your report … I’ve been
Grilling Wyze as much as possible ., their
Final response is that I should re-flash
My cameras … I’m not falling for this . The
Last time I re-flashed a camera it rendered
The unit useless and I had to buy another
Just to get back my stock .

I’ve had this same issue for months. Seems to happen on all my v2 and v3 cameras. I view using iPhone and iPad Wyze app. Freeze happens on both devices. Also freeze on my wife’s iPhone.

Well , the freeze bug has been going on
Since last March … Wyze has told me to
Reset , re-flash and rub my stomach while
Patting my head. The cameras are fine.
I’ve told them it’s their server that’s acting
Messed up ., they say they are working on
It … I don’t think they have an immediate
Solution .

Thanks for the info.

We have the same problem and it’s quite annoying.
Hope this will be resolve soon or I’ll have to rely to another brand.

i started having the event playback a few months ago. really getting annoying. what good does it do to view a motion event when it wont play? i may be changing cameras. constant freezing on event playback

Your cameras are fine … the problem
Is with the wyze servers . This bug has
Been haunting the wyze crap ever
Since March … all you can do is jam
This complaint into their faces again
And again.