Event videos are freezing

Just wanted to know if anyone else is having events freeze from 3 seconds to 7 seconds. It literally skips from 3 seconds to 7 seconds. HELP


I had this problem with a v3 on older firmware. What camera and firmware is giving you trouble?

Under Signal Strength, are you getting 3 bars?
A poor wifi signal will create a buffering/freeze problem.

Also, keep clicking (touching) the 3 bars until the RSSI signal strength number appears.
Knowing the exact RSSI number can help trouble shoot if you can move your router/wifi extender to a different location, or move the camera.

I have more than 3 bars. Every event video does this it’s a problem on your end not mine. I’m sure of that


I have the same issue. I reached out to support last month and they basically blew me off.

I had some cameras where it was working, so moved those to the priority areas and the not working ones seemed to fix themselves.

They always seem to go out while they are bombarding me with emails for Cam Plus Unlimited. “Coincidence” I’m sure,

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Yeah they don’t seem to respond to me either and I’ve been with them since they started up


Yea, I certainly won’t be buying any future Wyze products.

I also have a Wyze Scale that has never worked. Unfortunately wasn’t able to return it.

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“it’s a problem on your end”

Are you aware that this is a user-to-user forum, not Wyze. While Wyze might occasionally look at a few posts, this is a place for users to ask for help from other users. Wonderful people volunteering their time and knowledge. And they all do a great job.

Yeah I meant there end. Not your end

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I won’t be buying anymore products from them neither. Customer service sucks they don’t respond to you they make it hard to reach out to them. And the cost just keeps going up without fixing the issues with products. I’m definitely not a happy customer


I have the same problem on version 2 cameras and get the error code 3001 all the time. And sometimes during event playback the screen will start flashing green and be all distorted until I push pause and then restart it.

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Check the timestamp on the videos concerned - Is the problem occuring at the 00-01 seconds mark on each of them?

No 3 to 7 or 4 to 7

They never even finish loading. They just stop mid-buffering. And it’s most certainly not an issue with the strength of the WiFi signal.

I meant the actual time stamp on the videos - I.e. at the turn over at the minute mark? Do they freeze when the time stamp changes from 59 seconds to the next minute 00 seconds

They never even start. It freezes while loading the video.

I was asking @liveandlove197756 as the problem he has reported is similar to one that I and many others reported some time ago.