Wyze Server Issues...Again?

So today I’ve been having even more issues with my cameras where when trying to view the recordings from the Events page they get stuck loading or the video freezes and I can’t delete them via the delete button. None of my camera’s have an SD card in them. I’ve tried rebooting all 10 of my cameras, rebooting my iPhone, rebooting my router and cable modem. It all seemed to be getting worse since the latest app update 2.49.0 (4) and I’m not sure if it’s an issue with iOS 17.3 or the Wyze servers. All I know is that it’s a pain in the rear now.

Mine are all functioning normally with events and no video freezes. I just checked downdector and it says everything looks normal. There has not been more than 1-2 connectivity issue reports in any 1 hour period all day long (ie: “User reports indicate no current problems at Wyze”)

It could be a number of other things, including a problem with the ISP, DNS, etc.

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I do have the latest Wyze app and iOS, but haven’t seen any issues with event videos. I’ve updated all my cameras to the latest firmware too.

The only issue I’ve seen is my OG (always the problem camera that goes offline from time to time) went offline a couple times recently. When I reset the connection via the router it came back online without issues though.

It could be my ISP but I’ve not had any hiccups on my computer via my wifi. My smart TV isn’t having any issues with Netflix, Amazon Prime movies or even with Apple TV+ over my wifi. The issues are just with my Wyze cameras.

Might be related to your 2.4GHz channel too. It seems like your 5GHz devices are usually fine, but that you have problems with your 2.4GHz stuff when nobody else is experiencing an issue. I wonder if there is some kind of interference on that band near you or something.

Not sure, but the cameras aren’t very far from my router. I have other devices that use 2.4GHz and don’t have any issues with it.

Having the exact same issue as the OP. 10 cameras across two locations. Upgraded to 2.49.0 (4) with IOS 17.3 (21D50) about three days ago and now events just perpetually load without playing.
Update: Hard reboot of the phone seems to have ‘fixed’ my issues. Hope this helps…

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Now another new issue has shown up which I’m sure is related. The Events page are recent events at the top going down to later events as I scroll down from 12pm, 11am, 10am. Then it’s 2pm, 12pm, 11am, all over again. I don’t see how this is an issue with my router or even my iPhone. So I closed the app and open again, then the order was fine. Something goofy is going on with the app and my iPhone 13 Mini.