Server Issues....Again?!

Can’t get my V3 camera to show live video. Is there a server issue going on again?

None that I’m aware of. All of my cams (including v3s) are streaming fine. I would do this in preferential order:

  • Boot your phone/tab or hit the airplane mode, wait a few seconds and undo airplane mode to reestablish connection between phone/tab and AP/router.

  • Restart or powercycle cams

  • Restart APs/router


Mine all seem to be working fine.


my v2 has trouble with live view. needs reboot.

There are No more Notifications. yes, I am waving at camera.

May be it is server issue. someone needs to check with the server guys.

edit: btw, the ios is no longer provide a detection zone picture. Android does provide the zone picture.

after 10 kins, I closed ios Wyze and restart Wyze app. the zone setting is back with pic correctly.

I do suspect there is server issue. An notice to users may help if that is the case.

Mine are working too. Here is a good link to bookmark and check Wyze Service Status.