Hey man fix the app something is really wrong

My app is mad tripping


I lost all my cameras on my app but we are still getting notifications from one and I can see events. Is this happening to you?


I lost all 3 of my cameras about 3 or 4 hrs ago. Still shows them online on my wifi but all showing offline on the app & my Alexa. Have tried powering down, reinstalling the app. Nothing.


I used the Chat Bot to complain about this and got this answer:

Service Status & Known Issues - SERVICE STATUS UPDATE

6:37 AM PT - Our services are recovering but we are not considering this outage resolved yet. We’ll let you know when we confirm that. 6:33 AM PT - We are working on scaling up our services and identifying the root cause of the disruption. We’ll keep you posted as we progress. 6:18 AM PT - We’re seeing evidence of a server outage that is impacting login, Events, loading device pages, and using services. We have our engineers looking into this issue now and apologize for the inconvenience.

Hey WYZE - It would be nice (and SMART) to get this posted to the Service Status & Known Issues page


In fact, my last event was at 453am. But I haven’t been able to load ANY events from any camera from hours or days ago. Everything is dead.


Agreed Unwise. Checked that 1st and nothing since 2/2/24.

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They are working on a server apparently. Trying to identify the root prob that took it down. I haven’t had NH camera access for about 5 days and Florida just went down this morning.

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That update is from last year
3/25/23 in fact. It’s an old issue / update

Yes. You are right

Oh no! I just signed up here to see if I could find what was going on and that server message popped up at registration!
Back to searching found this

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So the Bot is giving out year old status as answer to current post? Well, that is par for the course I suppose.

80% of my camers both.in mi and nh are offline in the app.

I got front and backyard front is offline backyard is online. Fix this asap or I want an adjustment on my membership because I need them functioning 24/7 that’s what we are paying for

There is an AWS outage.

2/16/2024 6:31 AM PT - We are currently receiving reports of offline devices and login difficulties. We are currently looking into the issue and will have an update as soon as we have more information. Thank you for your patience.

you can go here to see the status

Service Status & Known Issues – Wyze

Maybe because they are Pacific timezone. If you’re Eastern timezone it is 0930.

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The two cameras I have have been reset rest and reset again, then they continue to keep going down. What is the problem. If you can’t make them stay connected can I return them. They don’t work and not safe to depend on.

Either repair air or recall and give us something that works

Mine are all working agsin.