Anyone not able to connect to the app? my internet is fine so it’s the camera

my internet and my electricity are working so why can’t i see the camera? “The internet connection appears to be offline.”

Yes there appears to be some type of back end issue. I am sure we will hear about it shortly. Stay tuned as they say.

stupid question- but that means you’re seeing this too?

Not stupid aft all! Yes I am having issues as well.

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I’m in a situation here and REALLY need to connect the app to my cameras and all I get is a “connection timed out message”

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10:40 AM EDT 8/28/2019 “Network Timed Out” when trying to open the Wyze app.
However (workaround?) I am able to view my cameras through tinyCam Monitor.

Disappointed: No notice / no notification on the Wyze web pages. Came here to find the answer.

Currently: Maybe someone is working on a fix to restore service.

Multiple forum threads going wild… an Official “banner” acknowledging the outage on the home page would be helpful


Try rolling back the app

i hope so. i checked my internet and electric accounts. deleted the app and reinstalled and now i’m stuck out because of this.

i don’t know what that means

Rolling back the app will not help. I am sure technical staff is already working on the issue. Office staff would just be arriving (Wyze is on PST) so I imagine we will be hearing officially shortly.


Mine just returned to normal. I can view my events again

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i tried and got a message “3000”… what is that

Only reason I mentioned it is because only people that have the latest app are having issues, I’m on 2.4.82 & have had no issues, same as others that the app hasn’t updated yet

Oh you should mention it! Best to say something than to assume/hope someone else does. And there certainly was something happening this morning that affected most of us on the new app!

Occasionally new apps connect to new servers to handle more load, I’d guess this is what’s happened, all the new apps connected to the new server & it crashed, all those on the old server was ok

Just a theory, would be good to know for sure