Time to abandon Wyze

I’ve been using Wyze in demo mode for more than 3 years. I wanted to test it before it went online. But its far to unreliable, for security.

There are several other problems.

Background. I had/still havw a professional security monitoring system. I installed it 10 years ago and never had a single down time.

With the Wyze system, i cant even get confidence to get out of demo mode.

I have sensors and cameras. Door and window sensors on every point of entry. I also have motion sensors. For redundancy. Those work fairly well but i have never been able to set the motion censors such that my dogs dont set them off. Ive tried differe t heights, flipping censor in various orientations and nothing helps.

They are in the stairwell and downstairs. But even walking around upstairs set off the stairwell. My other system was very easy to set the sensors to only trigger stairwell motion and do not trip when dogs play around.


Cameras have great quality but horrible reliability. I have about 10 cameras installed and they are constantly disconnecting and requiring me mto walk around an unplug each one to reset. My other system has NEVER had ne do that in 10 years. I do not use cameras for secuity but to just monitor remotely. But they are always going down.


WYZE is so darn complicated. My other system had one cost. For everythink i own. Just buy a new device and the subscriptoon covered it.

WYZE have subscriptions on everything. I cant keep track of it. Google handles some, wyze handles some.

Im just getting tired of thee mess. Im going to upgrade my equipment and start over. This time with a company that has a. Su gle plan and all i have to do is buy equipment


How did your other system make it possible that motion sensor was reliably only set off by a human and not by a dog? What was different about it that made this possible compared to the Wyze motion sensor? Was it still a PIR sensor? How big are your dogs? How did the other motion sensors avoid setting off on dogs that you can’t replicate with Wyze sensors?

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It had a directional IR that could be positioned waist high and look upward. Dog is small and was below the beam. Humans were taller and always hit beam.

The fogs are a 5lb chihuahua and a 15 lb Jack Russel chihuahua mix. Smallish dogs

No matter what orientation the wyze is in humans orboets trip it all the ways to the top of the stairs, e en though its not pointed up.

Must be the beam pattern of the WYZE. But i can say with absolute confidence thats the way it behaves. I can set it upright, flipped over, change heights and the wyze ir is different and cannot be setup like the other one

My guess is the wyze beam is very wide. So o matter the krientation the beam detects motion. Yes both are PIR.

I have Wyze HMS “demo mode” and approx 9 cams. It all wyrks as I need it to

If it always works, why are you in demo mode? I’m only in demo mode, because it does NOT work.

Or, maybe you don’t expect much from them.

Mine would work 100% as expected, if I didn’t have 2 small dogs, and they didn’t like to go into the stairwell, Or, if I didn’t expect only the stairwell to be covered.

My ONLY issue with cameras, is that once a week, I have to go around to power them down, and reboot. That’s a deal breaker. In over 10 years with my other system, I have never had a single camera stop working, and reqire a reboot.

I have had the floodlight pros, v3 pros, and battery cam pros and they never have had to be rebooted other than firmware updates.

totally agree, seems everything they have is unreliable or the firmware updates brick them. I to have security and cameras and regret the purchases

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“Other than firmware updates?”.

Interestingly that’s often when I see them and I get update requests all the time.

But rebooting is supposed to be automatic. When I update, it doesn’t automagicaly reboot. I have to go around to each camera and unplug it and plug it back in, per the direction on the screen. That’s tedious and unnecessary.

Not really a solution, but smart plugs would make that less tedious. Maybe Kasa or another brand, not Wyze.

I agree it’s not really a solution, but it is a good idea. ONLY because I already have a bunch (over 10) and can hook them up. I think I have both brands too. :smiley:

Cuz I occasionally will forget to turn OFF the alarm before exiting the house. I’ll be across the street feeding the dux when the police roll up.

After a coupla similar scenarios, I no longer want the police to be called.

I to have left mine in test mode as I have had nothing but issues with the majority of my wyze devices including the monitoring hub. So far my wyze setup, monitoring and cameras, has been very unreliable due to defective devices to firmware disaster. I had planned to expand my wyze ecosystem but that has changed, especially since wyze will not replace defective items now under warranty but give you a gift card which in turn still costs you money to replace, (taxes and shipping), in addition to the frequent devices going inoperable. I agree with you about going with another company as things seem to be getting worse rather then better.

I used test mode for a while, then I questioned why I was paying an annual subscription to do so. Finally dropped HMS and am using YoLink for local monitoring, sirens and alerts.

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You know, it used to be, when a company made a product, they provided some sort of documentation, on how to use it, the specs, etc.

Today, nobody designs anything. They just put their name on some Chinese piece of junk, and claim they designed it. Not saying this is what Wyze does, but why can’t anyone tell us anything about the IR, for instance.

How much power does it put out, what is the sensitivity, what is the angle the sensor looks at? Does it have a true UP and DOWN orientations. NO ONE SEEMS TO KNOW.

There are a lot of people guessing, but where is a datasheet on what they sell. That is a classic giveaway that they don’t design it.

I will tell you Wyze in terms of feature and vid quality is better than the Ring I had and Arlo, If you looking for IR power, sensor angles, and what are considered non consumer specs. You may want to look at a cam that cost $500+ in price , requires hardwired connections, and a central Base station.

Nonsense. I’m a design EE. I do this for a living. Been in the business for 40+ years.

Wyze “claims” they design their equipment. You can’t have anyone design and build hardware without specs. It shouldnt cost more to see those specs.

I agree that if you want something designed to specific rigid specs it will cost more. I suspect what Wyze does is buy cheap packaged Chinese designs, by Chinese manufacturers and puts their name on them. Thats why they are so unreliable.

I bet if you asked Wyze to show you a schematic of one of their cameras, they couldnt show you one.

Do you think the MyPillow guy actually designs pillows? :grinning:

So tou think Cameron Diaz actually designs clothes? :grinning:in

Then abandon Wyze like your title said? Why are you here complaining and telling us your leaving, get a different product that fits all your schematics and specs you need and move on. but then again you sound like a guy that is never happy, I will leave it at that.

I’m only commenting on other’s comments, at this point. Someone offered a suggestion, so I commented. It was a good suggestion. It is not true that you need to spend $500 to get specs on a camera, so I commente. YOU on the otherhand, offered nothing, in your latest. So I pointed that out. Don’t want a reply, don’t say something incorrect, in your reply, Easy

I will leave it at that.

But I bet you won’t.

I posted for a specific reason. You posted to be contrary.


Which one do you want? Almost all of them are available directly through the FCC website under Wyze’s name. I look at them regularly.

Regardless, almost EVERY major tech company leverages non-US ODM suppliers for their products, even Samsung, Apple, HP, Dell, etc all using Foxconn.Han Hai as an ODM supplier, so if that is a strong objection for anyone, we will probably have to abandon all tech because it’s so normal that it’s nearly everyone that does this.

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