Terrible Customer Service - Refusing to Refund Me

I purchased the Home Monitoring kit last year during the early Black Friday deals. I only did it because I wanted the hardware to monitor my house myself, I didn’t even really care about the Home Monitoring paid service. It was actually cheaper than buying the hardware outright, I believe it was $80 or so at the time. I got the hub and sensors installed and the notifications show up on my phone.

I activated the free year monitoring anyway to go through the setup of it all in case I wanted to turn on the service if I traveled away from home, but I didn’t get a chance to do it. I wouldn’t have really cared anyway, I have 2 Wyze cameras in my house.

Well, last week I got a charge on my credit card for $137 for the next 12 months of Home Monitoring. I had no idea they auto-renewed. I immediately opened a support case with them, and they replied stating it’s policy to not refund subscriptions no matter what. I replied to them stating I never wanted it, so it’s basically theft by charging me, but the best they could do was cancel the auto-renewal for next year.

I wasn’t happy with that of course, so I eventually found the support phone number on the site. I called and spoke to a polite lady, but unfortunately the best she could do was to setup some call with another support agent that I guess was the next level up? She said I’d get a call within 48 hours, but that was a week ago and still did not get a call.

I have since replied to the other email rep and demanded they get a manager involved if they couldn’t refund me, but the manager replied with the same thing.

I have 2 phone numbers for Wyze now, but when I call, the automated voice says it’s outside support hours of M-F 6am to 7pm, which it is not, I’m right in the middle of those times. I can’t get through any more.

I can’t believe it! They just straight up refuse to refund me and keep my money! I have been a loyal Wyze customer for years, and in fact I was looking forward to the Black Friday deals this week. I was thinking of grabbing another camera and a fingerprint doorknob, but if this is how they want to treat their customers, I’m jumping ship and moving over to Amazon Blink. I really don’t want to go with Blink, but they are the only others that have wireless cameras (that is not some weird cheap company with an odd name like Qiioby or something).

How hard is it to refund an order for a subscription? It should just be like a hardware refund. I didn’t ask for this service. They are taking my money away, right before Christmas. That $137 could go towards my daughter’s presents this year, but instead it’s just gone. I want it back Wyze!

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Please send me both order #s and I’ll take a look personally.



I just sent the email now Matt, thanks!


I’m glad they are looking into your issue.

Meanwhile, you normally receive an email about a week before automatic renewal occurs. Maybe you ignored it?


Matt took care of it, so thank you Matt!

Christiano, I just checked my spam folder, and there was the notice from a few days before the cgarge. I get all Wyze emails in my inbox fine, but they come from no-reply@hello.wyze.com, whereas the reminder email came from ecommerce@wyze.com, so I guess Gmail flagged it as spam.