HORRIBLE Customer Service / HMS (Home Monitoring Service) Experience

I purchased the Wyze V2 Starter Kit in March, when the price for HMS was $5 / month.

I called at the end of March to find out where the code was for HMS because:

  • The original promotion was that with the purchase of the hub, the first year of monitoring was free
  • Then the promotion was that the hub was free, and you paid for the home monitoring
  • I purchased the hub on the Wyze app, and was given nothing. (This is clearly a glitch in the system)
  • When I called to find out the situation and was told that someone would give me a call back, no one EVER called me back and when I called back the price had gone up.

At the end of the day, the facts are:

  • I purchased a Hub that I should have gotten for free
  • I never got a call back from Wyze and the price for service doubled

Wyze has taken ZERO responsibility and no one has been willing to help rectify this situation.

I am not asking for a discount, I am asking for the price that I would have received if Wyze had called me back and/or explained the situation to me on the phone. I still would not have gotten the Hub for free OR the monitoring for free ( which is cheating the customer who buys through the app ). But at least it would give me what I purchased when I purchased it.

I have been on the phone for HOURS! No one calls back, no one can answer a question and no one can put you in touch with a supervisor or manager who can clearly explain things to you.

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Welcome to the forum @ssussman85
Very sorry to hear about your experience. Do you have a ticket number from your interactions with Wyze support? If so, could you provide it here.

I will see if I can get this looked into for you.


Thank you, R. Good. I have multiple ticket numbers for my multiple interactions and multiple hours spent dealing with this.

However, the most recent is: 2060402

I have still not heard anything here. Are you able to assist?

All Wyze support has gone the crapper ,they used to have impeccable support
I could tell I was talking to local Seattle natives but now it seems it has all been outsourced,

I have been on the phone with Wyze Customer support for the last 1 hour and 10 minutes and the CSA still cannot understand what I am asking for. I keep getting put on hold and my question is not being answered . This is infuriating. I can’t even find a general FAQ regarding operations. Good luck with your issue, I’m afraid poor customer service is a deal breaker