Why Wyze lost a very long time customer

I am a long time Wyze customer. Recently i decided to order the Wyze Home Monitoring service during Wyze week because they was offering the free dock, during this time i also bought a door bell cam thinking it was a plus (silly me). I called and talk to someone they said all good. We will just cancel the door bell cam and everything else will be fine. Then come Tuesday i get my entry sensor’s and my keypad but no dock. Hmmm. I called Wyze for them to tell me I was not getting a free dock that was advertised based off a system issue. He then told me to return the items and buy them all again full price. I then sent the items back since Wyze isn’t gonna give me a free dock and they returned my home monitoring service money to me today, but i still haven’t got the money back for the door bell cam that never shipped. So after some emails someone tells me that never charged me for the door bell cam and they want proof they charged me so i sent that in and recalled them waited another 50 mins for a supervisor to finally find where they did take the money and get it returned (still waiting on that). I just don’t understand why Wyze support has to just walk all over good long standing customers and then when there system messes up punish and charge a customer. I’ve done been told I would not get any refund on the shipping fees even though I never got the doorbell Cam and I immediately return the key pad and entry sensors since I did not get the free dock.

Just wanted to get my horrifying experience out there. I own over 10 diff Wyze devices and I love them but this isn’t the first time they have burned me on promotions, and it sucks there profiting off of it.


I recommend going through your credit card company for a chargeback on the shipping fees.

That is my plan, It’s just super upsetting bc I spent over a grand with them, I recomend all the time but there support and ordering system is absolute nightmare.

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Wow! A thousand dollars buys a lot of IoT equipment at Wyze! It is very frustrating when you feel like a company just couldn’t care less about customers. When I was searching to decide which platform to switch to and transition out other company’s equipment, I chose Wyze because a company that invites this level of involvement from customer-stakeholders usually means the company really values customers. I’ve noticed an uptick in experiences like yours, at least it seems that way.

Of course the other reason I selected Wyze was it’s value proposition. And it didn’t seem like it unreasonably cornered customers into unnecessary subscriptions. I hope all of those things are still true. But when a company gets as close to going under as Wyze did and then finds a savior investor, the company culture can be highly influenced by that investor’s demands.


They are losing a lot of customers! I have been waiting for over 7 months for them to send me the software, now new base station for the outdoor camera. Now I have 4 cameras (which we had to prove we purchased also) and a worthless base station that I can not get confirmation still to this day that they have yet shipped my base station. Now I purchased these outdoor cameras for a security reason and very important one. Needless to say, I have had them on the shelf longer than they have been used. When trying to contact cs, now I’m over my year warranty. I want to come through the phone.
Can’t understand 97% of them. They are worthless with knowledge.
Oh and don’t get me started on the 12 second bs when I have paid for the cam plus.
They simply need to stop making bs extra products and get their basics down first. Or close the shop up. They are children that opened a business. Got bit fast and made a million. Now they want to play and cut cost every where they can because they Are spending it as fast as they make it. (Hence the new crap products and not wanting to refund anyone).
I myself have well over 10 -20 Wyze products. Funny thing is, my very first original camera is about the most solid piece of equipment of all of them. I can say that the vacuum cleaner is a joke.
I’m done with them if I don’t receive this base station in days. I will figure out a way to get my money back on all these paper weight of cameras off I have to bring them to their office.

We just bought a used base/hub on ebay last year,we uselly keep a few extras you never know when it can die/frozen

I forgot to update this post, after about 100 emails and a month after this post. I finally got my Wyze Home monitoring hub for free as promised by Wyze, I also finally got my starter kit as well which they ended up giving for free, and they did refund all monies back to me but the Wyze Home Monitoring Service (which is fine) I will say though it was an absolutely miserable experience and I have not purchased anything else from them directly. Instead I wait until its on Amazon and buy it there for there awesome customer service and fast and free delivery. I also don’t ask for troubleshooting support anymore, I consider my Wyze devices as is with no support just based off previous expeirences why go through the headache to just get a canned response.

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I have only used customer support once - I just got a standard useless reply. I get much more help from this forum.

I live in the UK so I cannot order easily from Wyze directly and have always used Amazon - fast delivery as you say but also they do not quibble about returning stuff.