Second order and wont be buying wzye again!

So i wanted a nice way to have a flat alarm/montoring here in the UK.
Great videos on you-tube about wyze, so thought what the hell I’ll buy a sense kit to keep a eye if my front door was opened when i was not at home and a motion sensor :slight_smile:

Brought from a seller on the UK, about £10 more then I know they are, but local

Item was sold as bring new and straight away a problem! both batteries in the door sensors dead on arrival, One after a battery change was able to pair after 20 times!

Ebay seller would not take the items back and said the box was only 5 months old ( how can the battery be dead after 5 months?), Ebay founded in my way and got a full refund,

Contacted Wyze support:
Sorry we don’t make v1 no more and cant offer a replacement. But would offer me a credit…
Great NOT! cant add a address to get the credit as i don’t live in the USA!
Went to set up my echo… guess what… after 2 years still cant use on Alexa if not in USA!

GET with the times!

Ordered another unit, straight from USA eBay, Mate just wanted the camera and I would take the sensors… win win? You would think… NOT

After 2 weeks shipping, opened the item today…
BOTH! door contacts dead, new battery in and the 5 leds flashes… worthless!

the ebay seller has just woke up in the USA and said was 2 months old… dead batterys? in 2 months… come on wyze!

I’m confused how a 3rd party selling you their junk parts has anything to do with Wyze. Wyze doesn’t sell V1 sensors. Hasn’t for a long time. As for batteries on V1 sensors, since it has been a very long time since the V1 was manufactured, ALL those batteries are old by now.

Wyze has just starting expanding to Canada, but is basically a US-specific vendor. YMMV outside the US as far as success with things like Alexa.

You’re lucky Wyze offered anything to compensate for gray market sellers clearly causing problems for them!


how can it be junk when its in a factory seal box? this means its brand new.

Yes could of been sat somewhere in stock, but a joke on 2 orders door sensors dead and wont really help anyone outside the usa

I have unopened cell phone accessories 5-15 years old. Those are junk. I have unopened copies of 20 year old software. Junk. I completely agree with @johnsmith . You bought suspect old stock from a suspect source. Caveat emptor and all that.

On a more helpful note, the story as I understand it is that if you throw out the old batteries before even trying the unit then it should survive a battery change. There is a well known issue with the V1 sensors “bricking” at low voltages. Zero is fine, but there is a low voltage danger zone, sort of like food safety and bacteria. (This does not apply to the motion sensors.) Good luck.


@ukjames007 ,You should read this post regarding the V1 sensors: