Request to Wyze: Make good with customers on problems with Wyze Sense

There have been many discussions on the problems with the first version of Wyze Sense. Two issues that have not been addressed by Wyze are the sensors being bricked after a battery change, and the bridge going offline after power outages, requiring manual intervention to reboot it (making it useless for vacation homes).

It appears that both problems will not be resolved by Wyze.

I’d like to request that Wyze acknowledge these issues and offer buyers of the first version of Wyze Sense a deep price break on the upcoming Wyze Home Monitoring hardware, including additional contact sensors. Most of us are enthusiastic supporters of Wyze products, and we understand that a dud product can happen. Just make good on it for us, please. Thanks.


I agree somewhat. I bought mine on a pre-order when they were released and not one of them works any longer due to battery failures and battery replacement. I would rather just have my sensors replaced. I went through the trouble of buying some of the specialty batteries that my local stores don’t carry only to have a drawer full of batteries that are good but no sensors that work.

I don’t understand why the Wyze app doesn’t notify of low battery so this problem could have been avoided. It makes we question whether to purchase any more or start looking at other products.

the wyze app has been updated to (sort of) keep you updated with low battery notifications, but its erratic, and unless you have the sensors laid out in front of you in on a lab desk, still not practical, in real life sensors are embedded inside doors and other hard to reach places, when your busy you end up changing batteries when they go dead . the product was marketed as one that had a replaceable battery, and thus would be able to survive a change of battery from a dead one to a fresh one.

I’m in the same boat here… I have Wyze Sense and have had all sorts of problems. I have migrated between having them connected directly through Wyze and then due to battery issues I moved to HomeAssitant. I had issues there too where the devices would get to about 30% battery and then they would just drop off. I’m migrating back to using the bridge via the Wyze cam, but this doesn’t address the stability issues. Now that it’s a dead product, I feel abandoned and I’m not sure what direction to go.

I’m a big fan of what Wyze is doing in the market, and I know that there will be issues like this when a company is doing what Wyze is doing, but it still is a big investment I made that now is pretty useless.


I am also having similar issue. I bought my wyze sense in October 2020 (order# 004765216) right before Wyze discontinued (out of stock) the Wyze sense. I started using the sensor and not even a month the Motion sensor with 84% battery stopped functioning. I check the battery and seems to be low. I got a new battery and the wyze sense motion detector has no light what so ever. I read that if the battery is slow, the sensor will never work again but I never got the warning or low battery and last check it was 84%. I search and found many people have dead/brick sensors. I am disappointed to see quality of Wyze sense, I am now doubting if I should cancel all my delayed back orders items after knowing how bad the Wyze sense sensors quality control is. I know it is only $20 but Wyze is very proud at their low price and product. I tried to find a way to contact Wyze but there is no way to email them. For company that makes product that uses Internet and no email support is such a turn off.

For what it is worth, 2 of the 6 contact sensors I own (purchased March of 2019) got low battery notifications the other day. I prepared for them and had batteries on hand. Swapped them out instantly and they still did not come back online.

I contacted WYZE via their support line ( about a 10 minute wait), Got a very pleasant support rep (Stephanie) told her my issue, she sent me an email (while on the phone) requesting proof of purchase and contact info. I sent it back, within minutes I received a replacement order email.

So, I can tell you first hand they are at least replacing/supporting any that fail… right now.

When the bridge goes down, restart it. Put it on a Wyse remote outlet, and setup a schedule that turns if off and back on with about a 1 minute interval. This way you know its got a recent restart, and even if you don’t notice it, its on schedule to start when already off. Get two and set one up and home to match what you are having the one at the vacation home do, so you can literally see what its doing.

Wouldn’t it be better if Wyze has better quality product where you can actually replace the battery and not brake and waste time with support rep?

What happen when the battery goes bad again and Wyze has no stock? They stopped making these sensors. I really think Wyze need to recall all of these bad sensors replace it with working sensors or refund everyone.


Wouldn’t dispute that at all.

I’m in the same boat with several bricked sensors. Hoping that Wyze realizes this is a big PR issue and will make some accommodations.

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Me also. I have tried aa chat with support but that was like talking to Comcast. There is really something wrong if they are willing to let us all go because of a bad product on there part.
I mean they even tell you that there is a problem and have for some time and yet thy offer no solution.
I for one am not happy with this.

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I have the exact same problem and agree fully.
It is a matter of fact, (being in Montreal Canada), as I have my US Deliveries sent to Plattsburgh NY, I was forecasting to buy many articles when the border will reopen. I strongly feel like forfeiting these purchases. I can’t even reach Customer Support, maybe I am not talented or maybe it is setup for us not to find/reach it.

Wyze has simply stopped replacing the sensors unless you can prove you purchased them less than one year ago. I suspect very few people have sensors that qualify. The other problem is that Wyze has no stock of the old sensors so couldn’t replace them even if they wanted to. I’m with everyone else on this. Wyze knows they have a problem with the sensors and should do something about it…refund, replace, discounts, something.

I agree. I’ve spent a ton of money on Wyze products; 12+ sensors, 2 bridges, 6 cameras, a scale, 2 Bands, 12 plugs, 6 bulbs, doorbell, 2 dbl. outdoor plugs, not to mention plugs I gave as gifts 8+. I feel abandoned and swindled . Wyze needs to replace the V1 products with their V2. They made promises on their products. I think the Florida Attorney General would be interested in this matter.

I am sorry to have to disagree with your comment that the Florida AG would be interested. I mean, even as much as you purchased is nothing in the big scheme of things. Maybe the FL AG would look into the losses people are taking on a Bolt, but not a handful of Wyze sensors. Don’t misunderstand, please, I too have as many Wyze sensors as you. And I have given up on them. I won’t make the same mistake with V2. Frankly, I think V2 is a step backwards from the V1.