Wyze contact sensor

I got 2 contact sensor, one is battery low after a couple of years. So I bought 2 new batteries and change the low battery sensor. After new battery install, sensor still said Low Battery with Phone App. So I thought battery were no good, bought it with Amazon. After telling Amazon there batteries are not good, they sent me a new pair. Changed the new one, and the sensor still read BATTERY LOW. So I deleted the device on the phone app, reset the contact sensor with a PIN into the tiny hole, re-do add a new device with on phone app instruction. But fail…
Tried again and again, moving the camera with cam bridge close to my internet router and my contact sensor next to the camera, and re-do every thing, nothing work.
Any solution or any one have the same issue and know how to fix before I just trash them into garbage can.
Thank you.

There is a known issue with the older sensors and low batteries. You can search for it on the forum. The upshot is they become useless if the batteries get too low (they lose the MAC address for the sensor) and there is no recovery.

Link to one of the main posts on this: