Forgotten Sensors (dead batteries)

I recently noticed a bunch of my door break sensors have gone offline. Upon further inspection it looks like the batteries died. I figured no big deal I will replace said battery and go about my day. This has not been the case at all. The sensors appear to have lost their pairing with the bridges I configured them for. Now I need to go around delete all of these sensors, re-add them and reconfigure any rules around them.

Has anyone else noticed this kind of behavior?

Side note, this is also a great reason for Wyze to implement a push notification for devices that have been offline for awhile.


Happen to me awhile back.
I followed steps below …wait till the bridge to turns solid blue…but I had to unplug and re-plug the bridge in a couple times for it to repair up with the sensors.

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I have done this a few times and no go. Just kills me I have 6 door sensors and 3 motion sensors to setup again. I know the bridge is working because there are door sensors that are still working on those cameras. Just the ones with the previously dead batteries will not repair.


Try leaving the battery out a couple of days …Clean all contacts with a pencil eraser and try pairing it up again latter to see.

Another one of them Wyze anomalies…


I might need to do that. I am trying to repair them now and they will not join. I really like what the company is doing but the reliability of the product set is crushing my spirit.


We all have to remember we get what we pay for. Just like the band was $25 and I bought it but I know that it’s not going to come out of the box working perfectly fine whereas I can spend $200 on an Apple Watch and that sucker is going to come out of the box working flawlessly. But I’m willing to spend the $25 and work with Wyze for the next four months to get the band working properly just like the door lock


I see this excuse a lot in the forms about we get what we pay for. I understand this to a point, the point being I know I will not get all the high end features and that the picture will not be in 4K at some astronomical frame rate.

What I do expect is that the product will at least function as advertised in that a door break sensor will pair with the gateway in the camera. Right now I have 4 gateways, to choose from and I cannot get any of these 4 devices to pair with any of them including gateways that still have working sensors.

The company sold me a product saying it would do X I expect X to happen which is why I traded my money for their product. I am not expecting the product to Y or Z. Right now X means that the sensors will pair with bridge in the camera, like they did before the batteries died.


I this point I have removed the batteries from the sensors and they are sitting on my desk. Just before I did this I backed out of the Wyze Beta program on Google Play and tested and was not able to get get the devices to pair with any bridge on any camera I have.

Going to keep the sensors completely offline for a few days then try again.


Oh I wasn’t trying to make excuses for them I was trying to agree with you. I actually had a box of sensors that two of the four were bad out of the box. I couldn’t get them to connect to three bridges so I called Wyze’s troubleshooting line and she had me try to pair them over the phone and she could hear what was happening then she asked me to try some thing that I knew already was paired and unpaired it and try to re pair it. It did so she sent me two new contact sensors. But it was a lot to go through for contact sensors. And they ship them with the cheapest batteries possible I mean just look at them.

That’s what I’m saying Wyze ships products that are not complete not ready for the end consumer. Early access is beta testing. Which we pay for and we don’t get a discount to do beta testing for them. And it takes several months to get all of the kinks and all the bugs worked out. I mean just look at the lock and I’m sure the outdoor camera is going to have issues as long as it’s been in testing. I can’t believe that it’s going to be out of the box working perfectly none of their products have been yet. That’s why I say we pay less but we know we have to put in man hours troubleshooting and fixing bugs and updating firmware and all this other crap where you can spend $200 buy an Apple Watch and out-of-the-box it works just fine. It’s whichever path you want to go down. During the ask me anything they said that the thermostat would be out this year I really don’t see how that’s going to happen when they’re just now asking people to take pictures of wiring etc. it’s going to be a product that is not even going to be close to end user ready


Thank you for clearing up your original post. I really like what Wyze is doing but I fear they are moving to fast and or do not have enough engineers to keep pace with everything the company is trying to achieve.

They really need to focus on usability and the stability of the current product set. Based on their current track record I wouldn’t put their T-Stat in my home at least not at launch. Number 1, my Nest T-Stat is doing just fine, and two bugs…


Totally agree. It’s a retail product with a certain set of capabilities advertised yet nearly every single device has a litany of flaws. This is not about you get what you pay for, it’s a case of wyze taking advantage of a retail channel to beta test products hoping enough users report problems that are fixable. But it just may be the flaws will never be completely corrected. It’s a weakness that is permeating they entire wyze brand and if they continue on this trajectory, the prognosis for a long healthy company is not looking good. It’s sad.


Unless there is a complete sea change of management direction to stop and focus on existing products, I will never get any deeper into wyze products beyond my casual v2 monitoring and simple wyze plugs to automate a lamp and manual coffee maker. I just can’t trust this company for anything related to real home security or a critical use like a thermostat regardless of the price.


I work for a manufacturing company and it took a change in management to provide direction the company needed to move forward with our product sets.

The Product Managers at Wyze need to sit down with their Engineering Leaders and push for stability. I know why they want to move fast because everyone is asking for new features and products. This speed is costing them with the stability of their current product set. My current issue is a prime example of this, why cannot I not repair devices that worked prior to a battery failure.


Same issue happening to me about every 3 weeks. The break sensors go offline. Resetting the camera with the bridge it is connected worked for a couple of them and the lights when they went offline too. Have two sensors that will not pair again. I have changed the batteries, deleted them and tried to reinstall and no luck. I will try unplugging the bridge for a bit and see if that corrects things. Any other fixes found I would appreciate them. Thanks


Agree with the speed to market issue, but also see some shortcuts to save very little in costs, especially a cost that would be passed on by a minor higher priced product but would result in a far more reliable device. They seem enamored by the idea that they have the ability to do something in software that normally every other mfg of similar a device does by adding a physical electronic sensor. It’s like an academic exercise to prove it can be done, but the reality is a very long learning curve during which unsuspecting customers will actually be nothing more than advanced beta testers and a device that may never be reliable. With these sensor failures becoming more prevalent, it’s just putting a spot light on the whole wyze biz operation.

But saying customers are demanding new products and features and they are rushing to provided them, I’m not seeing a lot of that. I never read a lot of demand for a scale - I think it had some of the lowest votes on the wishlist and core group on Facebook never had many demands for it either. Of course this doesn’t cover other media channels. Meanwhile the top demanded features are ignored or set to “researching” which sounds like MBA talk for back burner. Yes, they did CMC but that defeats ability to use the new person detection. Give with one hand, take with the other. Most other new features have been minor. Meanwhile new product users constantly report bugs and unreliable performance. Maybe a big part of the problems could be the heavy reliance on their cloud - poor internet connectivity and functionality fails or becomes limited, maybe only a minimal feature set controlled locally continues to work. Hard to know but in any case, wyze needs to actually get wise.

I don’t have sensors but have been considering some. But I’m holding off now. Will follow this topic to see if things improve.


I also do not understand why Wyze rushes forward with new “me too” products while ignoring serious problems with their existing line. It makes it hard to recommend their products to others.


I agree. No more products bought until Wyze starts being honest !


I’m glad people are finally starting to see Wyze for what they really are. Took long enough but at least people are seeing it.


Count yourself lucky. It has been my experience if the battery is dead, and you wait too long to change it the sensor will no longer work, at all, ever again. I had two sensors fail this way. It can happen in just a couple of days if say the magnet comes lose, as the contact sensors drain the battery very quickly if the door or windows is detected as open for a long period of time. For the motion sensors, I’m not sure what can cause them to lose charge quickly.

Overall, the seemed like beta project. Not something that was ready for everyday use. But I’ve get to find a low price contact sensor to replace them with. So I continue to use the ones that still work.


Just noticed this tonight when I realised that I haven’t been getting notifications from my doors or garage door.

I really hope my sensors are not bricked.