Lost half my sensors

So I noticed two of my sensors were off line. I pulled the USB back off the camera to reset them, and the app shows them connected but they do not work. No notifications are sent when the links are broken. I know the camera and back work because my mailbox and car sensors work, My door and gate sensors don’t work. All my app settings are ok in terms of notifications. Help?

So when one of the “non working” sensors opens, you do not get a notification or an indication via app that the gate or whatever opened?

Nope, and the other ones work fine.

Batteries show 2/3 as well. I’m getting a connection to them, they aren’t giving me notifications though.

It’s not conveinient to rip them off and re-pair and stick them back because of the method of adhesion. I guess gluing them and trying that is the next step if no one can help.

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Have you tried deleting them completely from your app and adding them back as a new device? That might work

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Sometimes a quick trick is to reset the camera that is controlling the bridge that is monitoring the sensors.

Just go to the specific camera, then Device Settings, then click on “Restart Device”.

Wait a few minutes, then check again.

Otherwise, you may have to repeat the process, but this time around, you may need to reboot your router.

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So I did reset the cameras and backs and it didn’t work.

Ended up completely deleting and re-pairing the sensors. This worked- Except for my two gate monitors.

I pulled them apart and found the batteries dead/corroded. They were out in direct rain for weeks, so this makes sense. Added new batteries and they seem to be working again.

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Awesome! Glad you’re up and running again. I would imagine rain will make you replace the batteries more often. I wonder if you could wrap the sensor in Saran Wrap. I know Wyze did a joke video on YouTube about that with cams but might actually work with a sense. Doesn’t hurt to try.

I water proof my sensors …I left them in a cup of water for a week and they still work.
Take a look at my post here …scroll down.

Great idea. I guess I never got the memo not to use them outside. Lol worked for months.

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