Wyze sense - Connectivity issues- Stay away - Wyze does not stand behind their products

I am heavily invested in Wyze. Cameras, sensors , scale etc. I was always rooting for them - a small company looking to offer great technology at fair prices. Its all about to come to an end however as it is wrong for a company not to stand behind their products. I have 8 contact sensors and 5 of them do not connect to the bridge. For the life of me I cannot get them to connect. Tried everything logical or otherwise. Scoured the forums and tried multiple suggestions to get them to work to no avail. I finally got in contact with support and below is their final response.

Unfortunately, the v1 Wyze Sensors are no longer in production and we cannot issue replacements at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The v2 Wyze Sensors that work with the Wyze Home Monitoring Service are currently available for individual purchase if you are interested.

Welcome to the world of the V1 sensors. Wyze has made it clear that since they are out of warranty, i.e. over 1 year old, they won’t replace them. Adding further insult to injury, the V2 sensors and hub are NOT available for purchase without subscribing to the Home Monitoring Service.

Really poor concern for customers who purchased a product (V1) that Wyze knows is faulty and does nothing to help the customer.