All my Wyze sense v1 sensors died within 2 hours

I’ve been using v1 motion and contact sensors for over a year. I’m also using v2 motion and contact sensors.
For the v1s, some were installed 18 months ago, some 6 months ago. Some had their battery replaced and some were warranty replaced.
Yesterday, all of a sudden, all my v1 contact and motion sensors went offline within 2 hours. No Low battery warning, no previous issues.
Any one else experienced a collective drop of sensors?

Did you move the V1 sensors to the new hub? There have been several issues with that configuration.

They’re all still connected to the old Wyze Sensor Bridge

Yes all my v1 sensors show as offline in the app and 1 of my cameras as well…I think it’s the camera with the bridge in it. We just noticed yesterday. But I can connect to the camera just fine.

Also all my notifications and automation still work with the sensors.

First thing to try is a power cycle of the camera. Unplug it from power and then plug it back in. If nothing changes the next step would be to move the bridge to a different camera.


Restarting the camera from the app did the trick…


Now you can set up a scheduled rule to automatically restart the cameras daily or weekly or whatever you choose. I restart every single one of my cameras via rule every night. Helps keep everything fresh and I think it cuts down on any issues that I would have.


I just had this issue. Granted I have the beta version of the app, but none of my sensors are working with the newest update. I contacted Waze today and was told tough luck by our new system. Hell no especially when you’ve got testers that are sending and reports nearly every single day am I going to spend my money because your product [fails] after a major update to the app. I’ve probably convinced at least 10 to 15 people to spend between three and $600 each on various products from this company and now I have made it my life‘s mission to make sure nobody buys their products again. I am so infuriated with crappy service. The old tale goes you piss off one customer you lose 10 you make one customer happy you might gain one extra.

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