V1 Sensors Offline

I’ve been using a V1 contect sensor with the V1 bridge in a V2 camera for some time.

I caught wind of the battery brownout problem and made sure to replace the battery before that condition could occur and have kept an eye on it since.

Very recently, however, the sensor has been dropping offline. I reset the camera / bridge combo using the method in the support help, and that works for a little while - maybe a day now, and then the sensor is offline and I have to do it again.

I’m beginning to wonder if Wyze isn’t actively trying to remove support for the V1 sense platform. I’m pretty sure the HW is in good shape as I don’t have to do anything to the sensor to make it work again, just resetting stuff.

Of course, the information available in the app is 100% insufficient to determine why the sensor keeps going offline.

I’ll be really surprised if anyone from Wyze actually pipes in with a solution given they just want to sell you a sensor hub subscription. Prove me wrong.

One more tidbit of information - going into the app and doing a device reset on the camera brings the sensor back online. It’d be really nice to have some log that tells me when / why the sensor / v1 sensor hub quit working.

Considering how many complaints there are on the forums, I’d imagine that Tech Support is not giving much help.

I submitted a ticket for a dead Bridge, we shall see.

I happen to have a second bridge (got 2 starter sets and never opened one) and it will pair with a new Motion Detector, but will not pair with the old Motion Detector.

As I’ve lost 6 of the 22 contact sensors, and 3 of the 6 motion detectors since installing them,
…and have been discontinued by WYZE, and are not for sale anymore,

I’m replacing my WYZE contact sensors and motion detectors with the #Aqara brand…

A bit more expensive, but wildly versatile, and integrate very well into Alexa routines and automations.

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I’ve started using some YoLink sensors mostly because they have the ability to connect at 1/4 mile. I have a shop that’s about 150 ft. From my house and they work well.