All sense offline again

here we go again, came home tonight and every single sense product is offline. tried the regular reboot, they are online again but not responsive.

@WyzeGwendolyn this smells like a backend issue again.

edit: v2 can’t ship fast enough. I’m going to have a firepit celebration with all the v1 sense products.

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Same here… going to pull the bridge for a few seconds to see if it recovers…

don’t, this is yet again an AWS issue. pulling the bridge or rebooting on your end won’t do anything.

I pulled the bridge and reinstalled… no go.

I did a soft reboot - restart in app… no go.

I pulled the plug/power and waited 10 seconds… all my Sense stuff is back online and operational.

I’m actually surprised, but good to know.

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well, they now detect motion but rules are not firing. this must be the same thing I saw 2 days ago. some blip in service that takes a few hours to resolve.

Probably. My Sense-related rules are now working again here in Virginia.

Yet again offline this morning. Wyze please look into this.

I think we’re missing the big picture.

Everyone is excited over the new V2 sensors and bridge.
Assuming it’s great… connection issues are solved.

Does everyone still want to put up with all the AWS delays and outages ??

I don’t want to wait minutes after a sensor is triggered to start routines to notify me !!
It happens regularly…

There are SO Many other choices SO many different HUBS, protocols and sensor choices


At least 4 times per week I have to restart the camera due to one of the sensors is offline. Mostly the motion sensors, but the door sensor also gets off

The cameras system is really pissing me up. Im almost giving up on this “wize” system.

When I`m travelling I’m never in peace that one of the equipment is not working good.

And when I`m at home it’s annoying because suddenly some light doesn’t turn on because the motion sensor is out.

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Try rotating the motion sensor a quarter turn and test…repeat if needed.
This worked for me …

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yet again all my sense is offline @WyzeGwendolyn

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Thats a good idea due to the microwave polarization. But sadly, for the door sensors it’s not possible to do it.

I tried something that “WORKS” for me.

As My sensor were been offline twice a day, I made some rules to restart the cam each 4 hours.

I made this two days ago, and every time I check, all sensor are online.

This is not how it supposed to work, but as Wyze doesn’t give us a solution…

Please guys, let me know if it works for you.

(Sorry for my poor English… it’s in Brazil!)

Strange, the other day some of my contact and motion sensors would show offline after about 12 hours of inactivity.

I manually activated them and they went back online. From this, just be cause it showed offline in the app it didn’t mean it actually was.

Think maybe it had something to do with the maintenance they where doing, IDK ?
If not, I’d try what I did before resetting them up again.

What a shame you have to do this…


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That’s true… it’s so shame…
I’m testing other sensor solutions here at home.

Using zigbee sensors and switches…

It supposed to be faster and more stable To…

If it works better o will through this Wize equipment!

My setup now is Aqara Hub with Aqara Zigbee Contact and Motions Sensors through Homeassistant.

Still using WYZE Bulbs and Plugs since Joshua Mulliken Wrote an integration for Homeassistant.
Never had a problem with the WYZE Bulbs and Plugs - I Like them.

Would have used WYZE New Hub and sensors if they offered them right away, but I wasn’t waiting 3 months or longer just to order an unproven product.


I used to have this issue. i would just reboot the pan cam that the bridge is plugged into and then it would work. Sometimes i had to reboot the pan cam. Only happened a few times in the beginning but then were rock solid after those troubles. Sadly, I didn’t realize that they will become bricked if you let the batteries run down too low so now only 2 sensors work, while the 2 motion detectors will not reconnect to the bridge. Was thinking to ask my sis-inlaw in the US order some and send to me, but that seems too much…

Unfortunately, you can’t get the V1 sensors any longer. Wyze doesn’t sell them. They are pushing the V2s with the Home Monitoring Service with no way to just purchase the hub separately.