Wyze Motion Sensor Failure

I am very disappointed today to learn that my investment in the Wyze Sense Bridge v1 was a mistake. I was excited to build a DIY home security system without the overhead subscription cost using the Sense Bridge. I was deeply saddened today to know that not only is my faulty motion sensor (won’t power on, pinhole switch broke off the circuit board) not replaceable after 18 months of use, but the contact sensors (of which one was replaced under warranty) are on borrowed time.

As someone who has supported Wyze through multiple products, starting with a Pan Cam, but later a number of bulbs, door lock, an outdoor plug and a handheld vacuum, to know that the Sense Bridge v1 is not going to last nor is Wyze going to do anything to assist in an upgrade process to the new system for a loyal customer. I understand the prices are low already, and I watched the video about the challenges Wyze faced during the pandemic, but with the renewed investment of late, I would hope a company that claims to be as customer focused as Wyze would have done a better job communicating to Sense Bridge v1 users that the product was going to reach end-of-life so very soon and provide some sense of gratitude to those customers who suffered through the ills of a failed product as a sign of good faith to keep those customers in the fold.

I was previously excited for the new announcements this week, but given these events I’m going to have to take a step back from my Wyze involvement and consider my options around home automation going forward.

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I feel your pain as how I too, built my system up & configure it to use the WYE bridge v1 family of components. I realize that WYZE is moving in a totally different direction with their newer WYZE Sense products & while i realize it is progress, I had quite a bit of time & money invested. When I called for support, they offered me $15.00 toward my transition toward the newer platform. What a slap in the face!!
My situation is the same as yours almost exactly, both in the loss of product & loyalty