A little disappointed (Wyze Sense V1)

Hello all!

I purchased the Wyze Home Starter Kit from Home Depot on January 17, 2021 because it was no longer being sold on the website. Almost immediately I had to have the Bridge replaced. Once that was replaced I started connecting the sensors. I only used the motion sensor and one contact sensor. I bought a 4 pack of bulbs a few months later and decided to set up the second contact sensor. Turns out it wasn’t working. I contacted support on May 13 and they replaced the contact sensor because it was under warranty.

Now the first contact sensor I had connected is no longer working. The battery is fine but the sensor itself doesn’t seem to want to work. I contact support and was told it is no longer in production so they can’t replace it. I was told I could purchase the V2 sensors. I asked if those would work to turn my lights on and off like my V1 contact sensor. I was sent a link that says “… functions will be basic.” I couldn’t get any clarification on if the “basic functions” include turning my lights on and off.

My questions are 1) I see I can purchase the V2 contact sensors themselves. Will they connect to my Bridge? The product page says no but the link I was sent says yes. 2) Will they work like my V1 sensor and be able to turn my lights on and off?

Any information is helpful! Seems like a few things I have read have been conflicting. So if there is anyone using the V2 sensors with the Sense Bridge, please let me know of your experience with it. I would rather not purchase the whole kit with the hub and subscription.

Yes, if anyone is successfully using V2 sensors with a V1 bridge, please reply.

We did a test just a week ago, and it appears the app isn’t yet prepared to allow a V2 sensor to be assigned to a V1 bridge. I think it can be done, but only if they update the app.

  • Android app version tested: v2.21.27
  • iOS app version tested: v2.21.35

A V1 sensor can be used with a V2 Hub, however. At least unless the pairing light blinks 5 times. Then it’s a dead sensor, and won’t work with anything.


@seapup just added a test on Android beta v2.22.16, and it still isn’t possible to assign a V2 sensor to a V1 bridge.

Tried sending a question up the line to see if they will be able to allow it in the app at some point.


Welcome @erikw11!

Yes, the V2 sensors can be used to trigger automations like the V1 sensors.


@Newshound I have version 2.21.27. So using the V2 sensor with the V1 Bridge WON’T work?

@Brlepage have you done this yourself? I just want to make sure I am getting information from someone that has tried it. Obviously I don’t want to buy the sensors to find out I can’t get them to connect to the Bridge or that they won’t work as I am hoping.

Thank you both for the quick replies! This is my first post here so it’s nice to see things are pretty active!

Using the V2 sensor with the V1 Bridge can’t be done with any version at this point. I personally think the app can be fixed, but stay tuned on that one.

That varies, lol.


You should be able to get a refund or credits toward other options. Wyze is currently going out of the way to ignore warranty claims on numerous “out of production” products which are under warranty. Push for an escalation on support and ask for Wyze help here in the forums. @WyzeGwendolyn are you still working on the Wyze image with customers?

I have. As long as you have the sensors are setup, I can assure you it’ll work the same as the V1s for automations.


***. At the current time you need the Wyze home monitoring service which is the only way to get the Sense V2 hub which the V2 sensors will communicate with and you’ll be able to automate rules with.