Wyze Sense 1st generation

I bought three sets of Wyze Sense 1st generation and I’ve been having multiple issues with the entry sensors. The latest is that the sensors are no longer working if they are placed around 50 feet away from the base. Anybody else having this type of problem?

I hope you changed the batteries before they auto-bricked.

Very well-known problem. I have three dead v1 sensors.

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I just ran across this issue with the dead batteries and they won’t even replace them now

As I lost 6 of the 22 contact sensors, and 3 of the 6 motion detectors I initially installed… and because WYZE has discontinued them, and no longer sells them… I’m slowly replacing them all with the #Aqara brand…

A bit more expensive, and a little larger… but incredibly long lasting and wildly versatile they integrate very well into Alexa routines and home automations… (And there’s no home monitoring subscription you have to buy, And pay for forever,

to use them) :wink:

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