Beware updates

The only timed obsolescence I could possibly see someone claiming is the V1 contact sensor locking up when the battery dies.

Wyze did not create this problem, it was the chip maker, Texas Instruments as I recall. They specifically mentioned it was a weakness of the chipset they created, and it can technically be fixed, though it too complicated for most people:

That again, wasn’t Wyze being greedy, in fact Wyze worked to make push notifications and other things to help prevent that Texas Insturments issue from affecting their customers.

That’s about the only possible case for obsolescence I can think of. They ditched the V1 sensors for newer sensors that wouldn’t have that issue anymore, but still support all their old equipment instead of forcing people to upgrade. In contrast, most of my old cell phones aren’t allowed to activate anywhere.

Still, I empathize when hardware breaks down and doesn’t function the way we wish it would. It’s a problem with electronics in general. They do wear out. Not much that can be done for that. Understandable to be frustrated. The way I see it though, I’d much rather keep replacing at the costs Wyze offers me, than replacing at the costs the mainstream mega-corps charge for replacement devices.