Cam v2 forced firmware update

Sometime in the last few hours my cams each updated their firmware from to
I guess it is what it is…
I get it they are cheap cameras, you get what you pay for.

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I would open a ticket on that! I sure hope that code didn’t accidentally get pushed out, who knows how many could get it (older firmware versions could break break newer cameras according to Wyze but I don’t know which versions of which are incompatible)

Thats weird. I tried to go from FW → from the app and it failed. The camera kept disconnecting and restarting. Had to download and manually update with the uSD card to get to FW v4.9.6.156 in order to stop the restarts.

That’s very weird, but if you want to revert back to a specific version, we can tell you how. You will need access to the SD card on that cam.

Looking back through my events, it looks like the upgrade actually happened a week ago but I didn’t notice because person detection events were still coming through. I narrowed it down by looking for when the watermark disappeared.

I was stumped on why I was still getting person events, since I hadn’t signed up for the subscription but found in the app that it was enabled in my account as some sort of pilot

I reverted one of the cams to, but it doesn’t make a difference now because it looks like the only way to enable person detection in the app is with the pilot now, No switch in the camera settings

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It is quite easy pressed the wrong button when the pesty popup when you start the live view.

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If you use Android it’s easy to go back to an earlier version of the app too. That said, it seems the current Wyze PD isn’t really using Xnor even with old software. Not 100% sure though.