Downgrade from

I recently upgraded my Wyze Cam V2 (old version bought at beginning of the year) to I’m having some issues with this firmware and would like to manually flash back to older version. I have the firmware and but after the manually firmware flash, it doesn’t seem to be working.

The LED status shows Blue but i’m unable to connect to it in the App nor am I able to re-perform setup to reconnect to WiFi again.

I see in the release note the following message and thought that the was designed to be able to downgrade back (like we use to do before). Any thoughts here?

Note: This version was added to give customers an option for flashing back firmware to a previous version. Older firmware versions are being removed from this page because they are incompatible with newer Wyze Cams and would break a newer camera if applied.

Hi @BostonW and welcome to the forum.
You might want to check with who seems to have had some success with flash-backs.

Thank You for the lead. I did see a post regarding the Beta version (of the app??) being able to revert but as I wasn’t a beta tester, I’m not sure how to get access to the Beta app. I do have the latest version of the Wyze App and also version 2.8.20 but neither gives an option to revert. They also do not have the “problem” link under the app to downgrade.