Firmware (November 2, 2022) no longer available

I wanted to manually flash to this morning as all my cameras are on and app saying that they are up to date. When I went to download the FW, the link has been removed. Any idea why? Is the FW so bug ridden that Wyze decided to pull the plug?

Yes it has been pulled, but I have been running it and it is stable on my cams.

1 Like has been paused due to issues. Pause statement is in the notes:

Note: This firmware is being paused to investigate an issue with event recording.

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Same here. :+1:

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Glad I only updated 2 of my 16 V3’s

I knew I shouldn’t have but wanted to test, at least I did the 2 cams that were less important than the other ones.

Really annoyed with the lack of firmware validation and testing Wyze does NOT do…

Just roll it out and let the customers deal with Whyze GarbageWare is not how it should be‼️


Same here, I wanted to test one of my cams. I never jump head first with FW updates. I usually do one camera or just wait, knowing how stable Wyze updates are :wink:

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I love that I’m just now finding about this firmware issue AFTER I needed to review some event history due to a car prowling incident and discovered that my cameras haven’t been recording ANY event history for the past who knows how long. Wyze should have proactively emailed customers who they knew had the bad firmware installed to say hey we might have just introduced a bug that causes your events to not record at all, here are the steps to fix it. I’m very annoyed right now. I have microSD cards installed in both of my cameras and the camera that I really needed to review history for conveniently quite recording to the SD card on November 9th, probably also due to the bad firmware update. This is ridiculous.

Whyze should of stuck with one product being cameras, it was all downhill after they started peddling electro-crap…

Too many products to keep track of for the programmers.

I’ve been stuck on cam v3 for a couple months. No matter what I do I cannot get it to update to the next version ( as of now). When I reboot it takes forever to reconnect and usually a second reboot then seems to forget it needs a firmware update for a while. How do I get out of this loop? Definitely not following QA/QC or ISO processes for testing software!

Of course this is the one camera I’m paying a subscription for as it’s on my front porch along with the cam doorbell.

You can do a firmware update using an clean SD card 32GB in size or smaller. May sure you read and follow the directions as they are written.

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The OTA update from prior 4.36.10.xxxx versions may have been turned off :man_shrugging:. It has been some time since 3406 was released.

As @Antonius noted, download and manual flash update is an option.

Alternatively, you can also put the cam on Beta and get the most recent Beta Firmware

So I’ve got to buy a microSD card as I just used the last one I had on something else. I’ve been a supporter of Wyze for years but I’m getting tired of my husband yelling at me about this camera.

Trade your husband in for a V3 Pro with cam plus. :grin:

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It’s the Cam v3 that’s causing the issue. I’ll probably swap it out with my v2 in the garage and rename them. Got better things to waste my time on. Then look into options when they start dying as this v3 is down more than it works. Very disappointing!

If the Micro SD card in your something else is 32GB or smaller, you can temporarily use it to flash the firmware of the v3. Then put it back in the something else device.

The BIGGER Question is Why has Wyze dropped the ball, as usual on a fix those problems with that version that caused the halting of the upgrades?

Wyze what happened?

Fix the F’ing firmware for ALl V3’s you have had more than enough time :bangbang:

Or will this fix end up being like adding Dark Mode,
Just excuses and No Follow through :poop:

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