Wyze Cam v3 STILL stuck on firmware!

I have 11 V3 cameras. ALL OF THEM are stuck on the firmware, and I want to get them to the firmware. I’ve seen other posts from back in December 2022 indicating that this was due to an issue with the firmware update after the .139 update, which was suspended. Then it appears Wyze pushed out the .3406 firmware, but none of my cams are picking it up. They all show as having the most current version when I check from within the app. Is my only option to manually update 11 cameras?

Please tell me there is a better way! Anyone? Bueller?

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OPTION 1: Enroll in Beta, add the V3 to receive beta testing firmware, then update it:

Note that beta firmware can be “Beta” for a reason.

OPTION 2: “Flash the Firmware” to one of the newer versions:

(Option 3 is wait until the beta is released to production…option 1 and 2 were just about if you don’t want to wait…but eventually it will be made an option for everyone)


OPTION 3: Don’t fix what is not broken. :grin:


See these posts for some background:

The BIGGER Question is Why has Wyze dropped the ball, as usual on a fix those problems with that version that caused the halting of the upgrades?

Wyze what happened?

Fix the F’ing firmware for ALl V3’s you have had more than enough time :bangbang:

Or will this fix end up being like adding Dark Mode,
Just excuses and No Follow through :poop:

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@Antonius, “broken” is in the eye of the beholder. If you don’t need the ability to differentiate between AI detections and AI notifications, then it isn’t broken. If you do need that ability, it is broken. For me, until I can separate detections from notifications, the V3 camera experience is not useful to me. Therefore, it needs to be fixed (which, by my definition, means it’s “broken”).

I know it functions as originally designed…but all of the more recently released cameras have this capability. This tells me it can be fixed. It’s just not a priority. They already have my money for the V3s.

I’m a big fan of Wyze. I’m impressed by their back story. But I’m disappointed that they’ve focused so much on their new product offerings and seem to have forgotten the early customers who helped them get those to market. I

have faith that they’ll make it right. I’d like to believe it will happen sooner, rather than later. I’m not going to buy a bunch of new cameras, just because they have an important feature I want.

@carverofchoice and @SlabSlayer,

Thanks very much for your always helpful information.

I will try to manually update a couple of the V3s where I need the AI notifications functionality the most (don’t want to do all 11 cams manually).

Am I misunderstanding, or are you saying that eventually, all my cams will get the server side push that will enable a firmware update? I’m not stuck with .139 forever?

I appreciate your patience with my questions as I try to glean what I’m trying to learn from the various forum posts. :+1:t3:

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When it comes to Vehicles the AI is not very smart yet. I have a V3Pro set for Person, Pet Vehicle only, all other motion off. As with the V3 if the cam sees any Vehicle parked or moving you will get notified if you have it selected. I got this event and notification because a bird ran in front of my parked truck. :rofl: :rofl:

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Yep, this is exactly why I want the new firmware. I can set notifications for person detection, but detections (event recordings) for persons, vehicles, pets, etc. Are tied together with a single toggle.

In my case, my V3s do an excellent job of person detection, but right now, I have all other AI detections (and therefore, notifications–which are not separate) turned off.

So, if I want to search my footage for anything other than persons, it’s much more difficult, as the motion is detected, but not labeled as pet, vehicle, package, etc.

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I would like my cameras to detect all of the available AI options, but notify me only of the ones I select.

I agree that vehicle detection (stationary) should be separate from vehicle detection (in motion).

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Is this what you want, it does work great if I turn off vehicle.

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This is absolutely correct.

The options I listed above were simply if you do not want to wait, but they should hopefully be launching the new firmware into production soon. They just released the latest beta into testing. You will eventually get the new firmware OTA.I know part of the reason it is taking so long is because it is a major update with lots of changes, not just the one we’re all most excited about, and it has taken some time to rework some of the old stuff to work well with some of the new changes. There have been a few things needing to be addressed in the testing of the last few firmware attempts.

Manual Flash is the only option to get however there is a newer version in Beta Testing.

An easier option would be to enter the Beta Tester pool, enable the V3 as a Beta device, and only update the cams you want on the new FW via OTA update. That way you aren’t flashing any cams and you will have the functionality mentioned above.


@SlabSlayer - good call, I may go the beta route. Thx!

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@Antonius - yes! That’s exactly what I want!

Looks like I just need to be more patient.

Yep, got tired of waiting, took the easier beta option for the V3 only. Working fine so far.


Good to hear.

While in the Beta program, if you don’t want any more Beta Firmware updates for cams, you can take the cam model out of the cam selection area so you aren’t offered every beta that comes out, only public updates.

You do have to watch out for Beta updates to the app though. Those come from the Google Play Store. I have auto update turned off for the Wyze App so I can selectively choose if I want to skip Beta App updates and wait for the public production app.