Is V3 latest firmware or

All my V3 cams have firmware and there is no notification by the app to update. Today I wanted to manually flash one V3 which has problem reading SD card after removal and reinsertion and notice the latest V3 firmware is ? Then I downloaded that latest version and manually flashed that V3.

Why the app didn’t push for V3 update to ?

In the release notes it should mention that there were some issues with a few firmwares ago, and they had to pause it. This caused newer FWs to not be updatable to some users that didn’t update before it was paused.

Wyze is working on unpausing the firmware, usually it only takes a week or so but this one has taken a pretty long time.

You can ofc always manually flash to the latest version, but if not you gotta wait.


Go here: Release Notes & Firmware – Wyze

If you are on, then you are at the latest release. Some individuals updated to but then it was replaced with

Then on 11/10/22 This firmware is being halted to investigate an issue with event recording. Ultimately, these individuals were updated to Here is a note on this version:

12/16/22 Note: Now all Wyze Cam v3s using or higher firmware will have access to this release. Thanks for your patience!

12/15/22 Note: This firmware is only released to cameras using the firmware to fix bugs introduced in that version. Cameras not using that version will not have this update available to them. Cameras using version will receive the firmware as a manual push from our side.


Thank you folks. All my V3s have except that manually flashed one.