Latest V3 Firmware update

As of today the firmware on my V3 cameras is
Is this the latest firmware?
My app says it is??
My Pan Cam is

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The answer to your v3 question is yes and no. The is a great explanation near the end of this thread on the v3 firmware.

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Thank you!!

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And each model of camera has different numbering schemes.

Thx for the post link @StevenA!

@hv.lewis, I gather you have already determined by following the link provided above that your V3 is up to date unless you want to venture into manually flashing firmware.

Your Cam Pan V2 is also up to date. There were two newer FW versions that were released after, however the first,, was replaced by which was then halted on 11/10/22.

You can find the detailed history for all your firmware versions here:

Thank you!

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