Wyze app 2.38 and Wyze Cam v3 Firmware - Released 12/15/22

Tried to flash .3406 to V3 cam and instantly got “connection timeout, please rescan QR code” only the app doesn’t know so it never shows the QR code again. Seriously? I’ve done this multiple times and have done it before.

I think this is on the dev team to work around their original problem and make updating from any version possible.

I have flashed every cam I have on to and every new cam out of the box regardless how old the FW is.

The only difference is that I already have them successfully installed to the app under their old firmware prior to flashing. I have had several that didn’t like a reused SD Card (always FAT32 32GB) and required a reformat and .bin recopy, but all of them took the flash and never asked to be reinstalled.

I have formatted both cards and added the .3406 bin file to the card the same way as I always do. Neither cam connects to wifi in spite of the dozen or so other devices that are already connected. I even attempted to connect within ten feet of the wifi router so it’s not like the signal is weak for any reason. It’s funny that every other time I have flashed firmware over the years it works fine but the .3406 version is incapable of doing so. With no way to use older fw and have the wyze ecosystem do the upgrade I now have two new paperweights.

My camera on 139 works fine, the camera on 3406 is the issue.

How did you remove from beta?

Wyze app Home > Account > About > Beta Program > Edit > Wyze Cam v3 (uncheck box) > Save

If the issue you are referring to is the one you posted about here, I haven’t experienced that issue. I am using Android though.

Also note, turning off the Beta option will only stop new betas from being downloaded. It will not revert the current cam Firmware version. To do that you will need to download the old firmware version, manually flash the firmware, do a factory reset, and reinstall the cam.

Thank you, I’m not that computer savvy so I guess I’ll have to live with it until wyze wises up and starts dealing with the fact they sold thousands of cameras don’t work properly

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I have 16 Cam V3 running FW and have minimal issues, if any. All record to SD continuously and upload and alert on motion. All Event Video and microSD Playback plays smoothly.

I had zero issues either until I did

You can manually flash older version with sd card.

I have flashed to over a dozen cams successfully. I just flashed 7 straight out of the box just last month. Some did not take the flash on the first try, or even the second. I attribute that to using the same microSD to flash them all. I’m not sure what files we’re being written to the card from the previous cams that may have prevented the flash. As soon as I reformatted the card and recopied the .bin, the cams took the flash easily.

Make sure you are using a high quality 32GB card that has been freshly formatted FAT32.

If it still fails, get an older FW .bin and try to flash that. I have them all back to 4.36.0.xx if you are having issues finding it. There are links to old firmware in the forum that might still be good.

Flashing doesn’t work the first time or the second time? Does it take three times’? Four times? Why? That’s ridiculous. That means the flash process isn’t working either.
I am using one of two different Samsung Pro 32GB cards (because I have two dead cams) so that’s not the problem because I’ve tested it. Going back to older firmware doesn’t help because those cams will get updated automatically and I’ll be back to the awful stuttering video.

I have had cams that don’t like to flash. One of the variables I have found to be a significant factor is the microSD card itself. Some cards with factory formats aren’t being read easily by the cam. I have one brand of cheap cards that fails every time. I have another set of quality SD cards that I reserve only for flashing because they work well.

Also, if the card was previously used in another cam and not fully reformatted, I find that the new cam sometimes doesn’t like it. Not sure what files are on it that cause that, but I don’t use cards that have been used for SD recording for my flashes.

Lastly, I have also found that my flash SD Card gets “Tired”. I can flash several cams with the same card and then on the next, it won’t take. I do a full reformat, recopy the .bin, and the flash takes.

Once in a while, when a flash doesn’t want to take, I have to do a full factory reset without an SD prior to flashing.

Cams do not get updated automatically. You have to accept the update in the popup notification or manually press the button to update in the bulk update or device info screen. You aren’t being forced to update the firmware.

Is there any issue with v2 cam on app 2.38? I have hard time following the issues ftom recent Firmware and app release. bith Android and IOS

Thank you SO very much @SlabSlayer for your wonderfully detailed and super informative message(s). I’d been patiently waiting for further updates after quickly adding a second camera before the holidays, but it seems i need to either manually flash the newest v3 Cam, or continue waiting patiently.

For a bit of additional context, we’ve had the WyzeCam1 v3 for quite some time, which is how i must have stumbled my way into that beta? version ( of the firmware

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Glad you were able to get something from them!

That is correct. :+1:

Version and .2864 we’re both public release updates open to public OTA update for a very brief period of time (before they were quickly halted) when any user with could have updated without being in the Beta. If you happened to select the update during that limited time, you then we’re qualified to get further 4.36.10.xxxx updates. Once the .10 version(s) was identified as significantly problematic for a large number of folks, Wyze slowed their roll and are now only updating previous .10 versions until they can verify its stability.

Why would a new v3 black camera come with firmware version
this camera was ordered and delivered after Jan 1st of this year.

It also says that it is up to date and no firmware is available.

I am seeing the same jerky video others have posted about and would like to try a new firmware to see if that helps.

Thank you

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Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @walkingintherain42! :raising_hand_man:

Because is the last version of public release firmware available for all V3 cams to update.

That is correct. There were two versions of 4.36.10.xxxx that were offered very briefly for OTA update after, however both were very quickly halted due to event recording issues. Anyone who didn’t update was cut off from moving to 4.36.10.xxxx. Anyone who did update was then offered a fix to those two versions in which is only available OTA to cams already on a 4.36.10.xxxx version. It is, however, publicly available for manual download and flash update.

Hopefully this newest version, or the next beta, will prove stable enough to be released OTA to all V3 cams.


Thank you for the very complete explanation.
This helps alot.

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